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   Chapter 85 Will You Come Back

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Amy's big watery eyes turned around. Suddenly, she pointed at the pirate ship not far away and shouted excitedly, "Daddy, daddy, I want to play the pirate ship. Can you play the pirate ship with me?"

The pirate ship was a little dangerous. Molly was worried that Amy might not be able to play.

However, Amy insisted on playing the game. "Mommy, don't worry. I'm not afraid. Last time my friend's mom took us to the amusement park, I played this with her."

Now that it was no problem for Amy to play this game, Molly didn't stop the child.

"Then you go with her to play the pirate ship first. Be careful and watch her. I'll go over there and say hello to Greyson."

The two could only act separately. After all, Molly couldn't play such a dangerous game.

It seemed that Walter had to play most of the games with her.

Walter went to the pirate ship with Amy in his arms. Amy turned around and waved at Molly.

Molly turned around and saw that Greyson was pointing his camera at her. She immediately walked up to him with a big smile on her face.

"Shouldn't your camera be aimed at my daughter?"

Smiling, Molly pointed at the camera in Greyson's hand.

Greyson didn't put down his camera and kept pressing the shutter. Molly was in the camera.

She just wore a white dress today. The style was simple and low-key, which was indeed her taste in dressing.

Although she was dressed skillfully and elegantly, she smiled and pointed at himself, and she was cute and nifty.

Greyson could clearly feel that Molly had changed.

It was not as melancholy as she had been when he first saw her. Her smile became warm.

She had solved her family problem in just a few days?

Did she really defeat the mistress Shelly?

"Greyson, thank you for taking time to take photos for us today. You probably don't know that everything of Walter is good, but his photo taking skill is really bad."

While saying that, Molly lowered her head and burst into laughter from time to time.

Thinking of the photos Walter had taken for her and Amy be

ems between Molly and Walter may not be resolved so smoothly.

Greyson was a little sad, but he still smiled and said lightly, "who knows? Just as you said, what will happen in the future is unknown. "

Molly smiled.

'Forget it. We will meet again. There is still half a month left till next month.'

They would meet each other frequently in the company in the next half month.

Although Greyson wanted to escape from Molly, he really wanted to take more photos of Molly as a souvenir when he thought that there would be less and less opportunities for the two of them to meet each other in the future.

So Greyson made a request, "you promised me to help me to take a set of photos for me. But I'm leaving. Shouldn't you let me take more pictures?"

Greyson wanted to take a picture of every touching moment of Molly. She cried helplessly, she was pale and pitiful when she was weak, and she smiled sweetly with shallow dimples.

He seemed to be really possessed, but he didn't know.

Molly didn't want Greyson to take photos of her before, but now that the two were friends, she was more open-minded.

"OK, no problem. It's my honor to be photographed by a famous international photographer."

She winked naughtily and teased Greyson.

It had to be said that she was so lively and lovely, and her slightly pale face was more lively at the moment.

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