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   Chapter 84 Surprise

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On the second morning, the family went out happily and headed for the amusement park.

It was a sunny day. Molly rolled down the window to feel the warm breeze. This feeling was so good.

After dealing with the family issues, Molly felt that her state of mind had also changed.

Although the short sweetness made her feel relaxed, she still couldn't be careless.

After all, Shelly was still the star of the company. If she didn't leave the company for a day, she might continue to pester Walter.

Molly knew what a woman like Shelly needed most.

Money! Once she enjoyed a rich life, she would definitely not be willing to go back to the bottom to live that kind of mediocre life.

Molly could only pray in her heart that Walter could really stick to his belief and resist all the temptation.

Lying in Molly's arms, Amy was so happy that she kept humming the children's song.

Daddy and Mommy have changed a lot recently, just for the good.

Amy knew that her parents were both very busy, so she was satisfied that she could spare one day to accompany her.

Walter looked back several times to see the happy look on Amy's face, and made another decision in his heart.

"Amy, since you like daddy and mommy so much to be with you. Daddy needs to rest for a week, okay?"

Amy immediately got out of Molly's arms and looked at Walter in the driver's seat. Her smile was full of expectation. "Really, daddy? Can you not go to work? "

Molly also felt that Walter had rested for too long recently.

He was the CEO of the company and everything in the company depended on him. How could he have the time to accompany them every day?

Molly couldn't help persuading, "I know you care about Amy, but you have to be responsible for the company. You can't spoil Amy too much. What if Amy get used to being with you every day?"

Molly looked at her daughter and patiently discussed with her, "Amy, mommy has taught you before. Everyone should be responsible. Do you remember what Mommy said to you abo

er head that made her unable to open her eyes.

Since when did Walter become so considerate? When did he become so warm?

Looking at the intoxicating and warm smile at the corner of Walter's mouth, Molly stood on tiptoe and gently kissed him on the cheek.

Not far away, as soon as Greyson caught this scene, he pressed the shutter subconsciously with his fingers, and there was such a family photo that everyone envied.

Greyson looked down at the picture on the screen of the camera. The three of them were bathed in the sun. Molly stood on tiptoe and kissed him shyly, while Walter smiled contentedly.

He really wanted to delete this photo.

Why did everything look so beautiful that he was jealous?

All of a sudden, Walter lowered his head and whispered in Molly's ear, "You know that I'm not very professional in photographing, not to mention that our family of three come to the amusement park, so I invite Greyson to take photos for us. He is really good at photographing. I guess the photos he takes today will be publicity newspapers. "

Molly smiled and teased, "Greyson is so rich, but you invited him to take family photos for us? Those who want to cooperate with Greyson will cry to death if they know that you are wasting his talent on a petty job."

Greyson must have come to the set today for the sake of Molly.

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