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   Chapter 83 You Are the Beneficiary of This Insurance!

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Updated: 2020-05-10 00:05

After dealing with the matter of Fiona, Molly felt much more relaxed.

After lunch, she went upstairs to take a nap with her daughter.

In the evening, they had to go shopping in the supermarket to prepare for tomorrow's trip.

Molly had been staying in Amy's room until one o'clock. She felt thirsty and wanted to go downstairs to make a cup of coffee.

As soon as she opened the door, she found that the lawyer of the company quietly walked out of Walter's study.

Molly was shocked.

Why was the lawyer of the company at home?

Did Walter do something behind her back?

Molly secretly followed the lawyer out of the villa.

In the garden, Molly suddenly stopped the lawyer.


The lawyer trembled with fear when Molly called him suddenly. When he turned around and found that the person standing behind him was Molly, he looked obviously nervous.

Molly also noticed that there must be something between the lawyer and Walter.

Molly approached the lawyer step by step and whispered in his ear, "What brings Nathan home at this time?"

Nathan was stunned for a while, but soon regained his composure. He gently denied, "Nothing important. Mr. Walter will sign on some disputes of the company."

Just so simple?

Molly was not a fool. His expression just now was obvious!

Molly sneered and then added in a more serious tone, "Nathan, my father and I trust Walter very much, so we leave the company to him. But this company is still my father's. You should know this. If I want to investigate something, I will definitely find it out! At that time, I think I can fire someone. "

Molly was threatening Nathan. She had no choice but to do so.

She just wanted to know if Walter and Nathan had planned to hurt her.

Or did they have an idea about the company?

Nathan wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

He couldn't afford to offend Mr. Walter, let alone the vice president.

Should he tell her or not?

Seeing that he was a little he

nch in the garden for a long time.

The movie Nathan just mentioned should be the one she watched with Walter last night.

Did he really decide to buy insurance because of the movie? Was it a guarantee for her and Amy?

Molly recalled what Fiona said to her that night.

What if Walter was just confused for a while and his heart had never left her?

She should give him a chance, and also give herself a chance.

After Walter finished his work, he was about to take Molly and Amy to the supermarket to buy something.

He looked around but didn't find Molly. When he came to the garden, he found Molly sitting there, staring blankly at the koi fish in the pond.

Walter immediately took off his coat and covered it on Molly. He reproached, "Although it is spring, the weather is still a little cold. You are weak. Why have you been sitting here for so long?"

Molly came to her senses and looked up at Walter's concerned eyes. Her heart twitched fiercely.

At this moment, she decided not to hesitate, not to tangle, nor to complain.

Everything was back on track.

Molly suddenly wrapped her arms around Walter's waist. She said to him like a spoiled child, "honey, we have to be good. Live a good life. "

As long as he didn't betray her, Molly was willing to forgive him for everything he had done.

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