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   Chapter 79 Being a Mistress Requires Means!

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Walter seemed to have been reflecting on his position in this relationship and how much he had done.

Perhaps this was the common psychological thought of all men who had an affair. Because of guilt and uneasiness, they would always find a better way to make up for their guilt for their wives.

But next time, when faced with the temptation, could he really stay calm?

Could he really control his body?

Molly's eyes were red, but she tried her best not to cry. Walter lowered his head and gently kissed her hair, and then whispered to remind her, "why do you like to watch sad movies so much recently? You are always so sentimental that the baby in your belly will also be affected. I'll run a bath for you and you take a hot bath to have a good sleep, okay? "

Molly nodded. Seeing him go back to his room upstairs, Molly wiped the tears on her face.

Recently, she seemed to be particularly fragile. A little thing could touch her sensitive nerves.

She also knew that she shouldn't have done like this, but she had fallen into a vicious circle. She hesitated and wanted to continue, but the thorn in her heart was getting deeper and deeper.

What Molly didn't know was that she had to endure the pain of marriage for the sake of her child.

Would she get hurt in the end?

At the corner of the stairs, Fiona was looking at Molly. She also saw the scene that Molly and Walter were watching a movie on the sofa just now.

She walked down, sat beside Molly, gently held her in her arms and patiently persuaded, "give him a chance. He is really good to you now. You were pretending to be asleep in the car, weren't you? I know you are not asleep at all. You have heard what Walter said. He really wants to repent. Give him a chance. "

Fiona just felt that it would be a pity if the two of them really divorced and separated.

If so, wouldn't it mean that Shelly had taken advantage?

Molly exhaled deeply.

If she wanted to forgive him, she had to accept him in her heart.

Some things were easy to say, but trust was not something that she could trust as long as she insisted on trusting him.

The sense of trust

onth. But what about you? The villa was taken back and the car was taken away. Apart from those branded bags and cosmetics, what else do you have? You don't even have ten thousand a month's pocket money. Do you know that you have become a penny pincher now? "

Shelly's mother thought her daughter's life was completely ruined. If she refused to have an abortion, she would be a burden in the future.

She was banished from the entertainment circle before she could make a debut.

Everyone in this circle knew that she was the mistress of Walter. Which company would accept her in the future?

Her daughter was not highly educated and had a humble background. She used to be a barmaid in a nightclub.

What makes Shelly so confident that she can get into the upper class?

She was not daydreaming?

Shelly took a glass of ice water and gulped it down.

Looking at the happy picture of the three of them on the screen, Shelly held her ten fingers tightly.

Then she smiled weirdly and enchantingly.

She lost to Molly before because she was too impatient. This time, she must calm down and wait patiently for the opportunity.

She looked at her mother with a smile and said confidently, "mother, I'm a mistress. I don't need a high education and a good family background. All I need to do is to win Walter's heart with my means and curvy figure. Are you afraid that I can't separate the two of them? Ha ha! "

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