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   Chapter 74 A Mended Marriage

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The child was always the unspeakable pain in Fiona's heart.

She was more eager to have a child, a child of her own than anyone else.

Molly's eyes were a little wet, and she just gently hugged Fiona.

At this moment, she didn't know how to comfort her.

Should he persuade Fiona to be patient or to let her go as soon as possible?

After all, Fiona and Jonny didn't have a child. If they didn't have a child, it would be easier for them to divorce.

At least not like Molly. Every time when she wanted to divorce, she couldn't bear to think of Amy, who was only five years old.

She really wanted to give her daughter a complete childhood.

Fiona grabbed Molly's clothes in despair and asked her with empty eyes, "Molly, do you think Jonny and I are not meant to be together? Should I let go of him? I've tried all kinds of methods in the past two years. I've tried all kinds of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and I've been doing test tube babies all the time. But why is there no reaction from the belly? "

Even if it wasn't a boy, she just wanted to have a baby with Jonny.

But how could they decide such a thing?

Molly patted Fiona's back gently and comforted her again and again, "There will be. You are still young. Although you have experienced all kinds of setbacks, think about the joy of having a child. You deserve it, don't you? "

Fiona buried her head in Molly's arms and sobbed. She nodded.

She also knew that the child should be accompanied by fate. She had been trying to recuperate her body, but since the God did not give her a chance, who could she blame?

But Fiona really felt tired. She was physically and mentally exhausted, and she could endure the pain of her body. What made her most disappointed was the indifference and indifference of Jonny to her.

What her mother-in-law said made her suffer more.

Fiona held Molly tightly and said numbly, "but I'm so tired, Molly. I'm really tired. I don't know why I insist? What's the point of my persistence? Jonny lived at night outside every day. I don't know how many women he ha

e, no shelter from the wind.

She had no choice but to choose here.

Fortunately, Walter and Molly didn't drive her away. Walter said considerately, "don't be stressed. You and Molly are like sisters. Just take this place as your home. You can stay as long as you want. "

The soft words slowly dispersed in her heart, which indeed made her feel warm.

But when she thought that his face was with Shelly, Fiona still couldn't be friendly to him.

She nodded expressionlessly and said, "thank you."

How long could she stay here? Two or three days?

Fiona just felt that she was a loser. She had been devoted to her husband and family all these years.

In the end, she had a quarrel and ran away from home. There was no place for her to stay.

Where was her real home?

Seeing that she was in a low mood, Molly had to propose, "Anyway, you have a few days off. I also asked for leave from the company. How about we go shopping later? "

Once a woman was in a bad mood, she always liked to vent her bad mood by shopping and food.

Seeing that Molly wanted to go shopping, Walter echoed, "Yes, I happen to be free these days. I'll go shopping with you. You can buy whatever you want. "

In order to make Molly happy, Walter was willing to carry bags.

Molly thought for a while and nodded. Anyway, it was better to spend the money on her and Fiona than on the mistress.

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