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   Chapter 73 Is It My Fault That I Can't Give Birth to a Baby

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Molly saw through Walter's mind at a glance. She smiled and continued, "you are wondering why am I so sure you did it first. Walter, because I know you so well. You put on a long face the moment you entered the restaurant, but you have been restraining your emotions in public. Later, when they were ordering, I helped Greyson and Gerry order what they wanted to eat. You see, I have a good relationship with Gerry. And you really can't stand it, you go to the washroom to have a talk with Gerry. "

Molly was right. She hit all the target.

Indeed, Walter had nothing to say. He had to admit that Molly knew him too well.

Molly knew him so well. On the contrary, his attitude towards Molly was really disappointing.

Walter frowned and thought about something. After a while, he nodded and said, "So you asked Greyson to go there when he appeared."

Walter finally realized that it was Molly who had been trying to deal with these troubles.

What would he and Gerry do if Greyson hadn't appeared at that time?

It might be exposed.

And his identity would become particularly complicated once it was exposed.

Molly didn't deny it and nodded her head, "Yes, you two went to the bathroom for fifteen minutes. Is there anything wrong with both of you two? I guess you will lose control of your emotions and get yourself into trouble. So I care about Gerry first, because Lucy slapped him indiscriminately in front of everyone. You know this is really outrageous."

Molly paused, looking at Walter with her deep and bottomless eyes, and said with grievance and stubbornness, "Walter, everyone has his or her own friends and social circle. The respect between couples should be equal. You can't ask me to cut off the relationship with Gerry and Greyson, but you still keep Shelly in the company. I have two male friends around me. How many women do you have around you? How many women do you meet every day? You can't ask me to do this. It's unfair to me, you know? "

Her slender fingers suddenly grasped the wrinkles at the corner of her clothes, and her chest rose and fell a few times. It could


"I will sleep in the guest room with Fiona tonight."

Molly held Fiona's arm and walked towards the guest room. Although Walter wanted to sleep with his wife, he had to nod in agreement since Fiona was so miserable.

In the guest room, Molly and Fiona were lying on the bed side by side. Molly touched Fiona's cheek gently and said angrily, "did your mother-in-law hit you? That's too excessive. Jonny didn't hit you, but you was hit by your mother-in-law? For what? "

Tears welled up in Fiona's eyes. She felt wronged when it came to her mother-in-law.

Fiona's parents died in a plane accident when she was in grade six. After she married Jonny, she thought she could get along well with her mother-in-law and feel her mother-in-law's love.

But to her surprise, her mother-in-law was not a good person.

The only reason was that it was stuck in the child.

"I went to the hospital this morning. You know, it's really hard to have a tube test. I feel like my body has been hollowed out. She was both physically tired and mentally painful. But my mother-in-law has been blaming me because I didn't wash the sheets in the washing basin in time when I went back in the afternoon. I felt wronged and retorted, but she talked about the child. She even slapped me two times when I quarreled with her. Is it my fault that I can't give birth to a baby? Did I marry Jonny just to have a baby? "

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