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   Chapter 72 You Really Disappoint Me Tonight

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When Molly woke up, it was already nine o'clock in the evening. She looked at her phone and saw a message from Greyson.

The content of the message was to tell her not to worry about Amy. He had sent her home and asked her friend, Fiona, to take care of her.

Greyson also wanted to wait for Molly to come back, but if Walter saw him staying here all the time, he was afraid that she would get into trouble again.

Besides, it was late, so Greyson left Molly's house first.

"Fiona? Did she quarrel with her mother-in-law again? " When Molly thought of Fiona, the first thing came to her mind was what kind of injustice she had suffered.

Her marriage was not peaceful, and Fiona's marriage was also suffering.

Molly stood up, put on her coat, and walked out of the ward.

She wouldn't be hospitalized tonight. Before she could receive treatment, she wanted to go home as much as possible to take care of her dear daughter.

After all, she didn't have much time left for her daughter.

Molly walked towards the elevator. Walter, who was guarding outside the ward, immediately stood up and called her, "Molly."

Molly turned around to have a look. He had a conscience to wait outside her ward for her to wake up.

Molly nodded and simply said, "Let's go home. Amy is waiting for us."

There was no anger or other emotions, but this reaction made Walter feel uneasy.

He followed Molly, and the two walked out of the elevator directly out of the hospital.

Molly went straight to Walter's car. She had no other thoughts but to go back home as soon as possible and have a good sleep with Amy in her arms.

After Walter started the car slowly, he tried to break the silence first.

"Do you feel uncomfortable?"

Molly shook her head, "I'm fine. I don't feel uncomfortable."

After answering this question, Molly kept silent.

She just didn't want to talk and felt there was nothing to talk about with Walter.

The atmosphere in the car was extremely cold. Until the car enter

an attitude like you? "

After a while, Molly changed the topic to Shelly.

It seemed that Walter could never avoid this topic.

When Molly talked about Shelly, he always felt guilty.

He had no choice but to correct Molly "Molly, isn't that thing in the past? Didn't we say that we wouldn't mention Shelly anymore? Don't you like the result that I completely banned her? I'm talking to you about what happened tonight. I'm talking about Gerry. Why did you mention Shelly? Why do you only care about Gerry when I and he are injured at the same time? You only trust Gerry? "

This was what really made Walter sad.

Seeing that his woman was on the side of Gerry unconditionally, how could he not feel disappointed?

Molly didn't want to talk about it at first. Since Walter was aggressive, she had to answer truthfully.

"Because I know it was you who started it. Walter, you really disappoint me tonight. Do you know how childish you are? "

Molly knew Walter too well. She was sure that there was no second person in the world who knew Walter better than her in the past seven years.

Even Walter's parents didn't know him so well.

Walter was slightly shocked by Molly's firm attitude.

She was so sure that she didn't allow him to refute or question her.

Why was she so sure that it was him who started it?

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