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   Chapter 69 Who Is She Afraid Of

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Being criticized by Molly face to face, Lucy felt humiliated.

Lucy was Molly's mother-in-law. Since she was her mother-in-law, shouldn't Molly give her due respect?

Everyone else was watching the show in public.

In order not to disturb Amy, Greyson stood up and took her out for a walk.

After the child left, although Lucy tried her best to restrain her anger, she couldn't help pointing at Molly and blaming, "I tell you, Molly, you are the daughter-in-law of our Wu Family. But now you speak for an outsider? What? Do you have any special relationship with this man? In this case, your husband was beaten! You should help your husband. "

In Lucy's opinion, it must be Gerry's fault that his son was beaten.

Therefore, Molly knew that her mother-in-law had always been so unreasonable.

What reason do you have to reason with an unreasonable person?

Ignoring her mother-in-law, Molly turned around and sat beside Gerry. "Where did you get hurt? Is it heavy? "

Molly's reaction did make Walter a little disappointed. Lucy glanced at her son, and she faintly saw a fleeting chill in his eyes.

Molly was getting more and more unreasonable.

Did she cuckold her husband in public?

Lucy raised her eyebrows and raised her voice, "Molly, can't you see that your husband is also injured? Why don't you go to see your husband but care about him? "

Lucy is really too noisy. Molly's eyes suddenly turned cold, and then she warned her mother-in-law in a cold voice, "I respect you as my mother-in-law. I don't want to say anything to you. This is a public place. If you want everyone to know that your son and Gerry had a fight in the bathroom, OK, I can borrow a megaphone for you now, or arrange an interview for you. "

This time, Walter really saw through her strength.

Molly asked the restaurant manager for several band aids. She patiently put them on the injured eyebrows of Gerry. Gerry didn't want her to be embarrassed, so he said softly, "Molly, I'm fine. Don't forget that I'm a doctor."

Molly shook her head with a smile, "so what? The doctor had hurt himself badly. You look like a gentle gentleman, b

voice, "Can I afford it? Yes, he is your dear grandson, but he is also my son! It's my baby. It came out of my body. It's my flesh! Why are you in charge of my child? "

Molly was like a beast trapped in a cage and suppressed for a long time, with her claws and teeth open. If someone attacked her, she would tear the cage open and rush out to fight back the next second.

The battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law began. They had tolerated each other before, but this time, the two of them were not willing to give in on the child.

Molly felt so tired. If she continued to quarrel with Lucy, it would only make herself more ridiculous.

But how could they end this quarrel?

Lucy was always unreasonable.

Molly suddenly thought of her identity. She was pregnant. Yes, she was pregnant. Who was she afraid of?

All of a sudden, Molly covered her belly with her hands. Her face twisted and her body trembled.

Seeing this, Walter was frightened and immediately asked, "Molly, what's wrong with you?"

Panting heavily, Molly said, "my belly is so uncomfortable."

Lucy was frightened by her words. She stood up in a hurry, grabbed Gerry's arm and shouted, "What are you waiting for? Aren't you a doctor? Look at what's wrong with Molly. Is the baby aborted? "

Molly's acting skill was a little exaggerated, and Greyson, who was still drinking water, almost spat it out.

She was so ridiculous!

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