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   Chapter 68 Let Go of Me!

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Walter couldn't stand it anymore. When Gerry left, he thought that even if he reappeared in front of Molly in the past few years, he wouldn't be able to stir up any trouble.

But now, looking at the warm interaction between him and Molly, his jealousy gradually grew.

He cared about her so much.

He was the only man in her eyes.

Walter always knew how charming and attractive his wife was, but in the past seven years, Molly had hidden all the light for her family, and she was willing to be the woman behind him, staying at home to look after her husband and children.

As she seldom participated in various activities, Molly's circle of friends had always been very narrow, only Fiona and a few female college classmates had contact with her.

Walter also knew that he was too possessive. He liked Molly to continue the previous life.

Even if it wasn't Gerry, he couldn't stand it if it was Greyson.

"I warn you at last to stay away from Molly. You have been in America for seven years. Why did you come back? Why don't you go back to America and continue to be your doctor? "

No one knew how anxious Walter was at the moment.

Gerry had always been a strong rival. He grew up with Molly and spent the whole childhood and youth with Molly.

Walter envied him.

Even though Molly was his woman now, Walter still felt that the relationship between him and Molly was far less deep than that between Molly and Gerry.

Gerry didn't respond. He looked at Walter's eyes, his eyes were unusually calm. "Be respectful. For the sake of your identity as Molly's husband, I won't fight with you! I will stay at home from now on. I want to be a doctor there. What's wrong? Do I need your permission to stay? "

The two of them glared at each other.

The air seemed to have solidified, flowing slower and slower.

It was said that a gentleman would not fight easily, but under the several provocations of Walter, Gerry had reached the limit of tolerance.

He frowned slightly with an angry expression on his face, but when he looked carefull

y her sharp eyed mother-in-law.

"Walter. What happened to the wound at the corner of your mouth? And how did your forehead break? "

Lucy came over and checked carefully. Yes, her son was really injured.

He was fine just now. Why did he go to the bathroom, and then...

Obviously, Lucy had guessed something. She immediately approached Gerry and looked carefully at his face.

There were also many wounds on Gerry's face.

"Did you hit my son?"

Lucy trembled with anger and slapped Gerry indiscriminately.

"How dare you hit my son? Don't you know who he is? "

Lucy doted on her son very much, especially her eldest son.

The commotion here quickly attracted the attention of others, and their eyes were all focused on this side.

Molly's eyes turned cold. She didn't expect her mother-in-law to be so unreasonable.

Walter also had a headache. It was complicated, and it was impossible to solve it with his mother's help.

Amy was frightened by her grandma's fierce look. She threw herself into Greyson's arms and sobbed in a low voice.

Molly couldn't stand it anymore. She patted the corner of the table, but still reminded Lucy in a low voice, "mother, you hit him first before you figure out what happened? Besides, I've told you that your words and deeds directly affect Amy. How can you hit someone in front of a child? You scared Amy."

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