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   Chapter 66 Is He So Horny

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Molly was Walter's first love. The taste of his first love was always unforgettable.

She lowered her head shyly and complained in a low voice, "honey, mom and Amy are waiting outside. You've gone too far. "

Such a coquettish complaint aroused Walter's desire. He held her waist tightly, and Molly was forced to stick tightly to him.

Molly could feel that Walter's body was burning hot. His breath was getting heavier and heavier. Obviously, he wanted to have her here.

But he was still patient. After all, she was pregnant for less than three months, and this baby was so important that Walter didn't dare to do anything recklessly.

Molly took a look at Walter, who was burning in the fire of desire. There was a disdainful look in her eyes and a sneer at the corners of her mouth.

Is Walter so horny?

He didn't go to see Shelly these days and couldn't touch her. So he couldn't help it?

Couldn't he live without touching a woman?

Thinking that the man who had been married to her for seven years was such an animal with lower part of his body thinking, Molly was really disappointed.

She might have been really blind at that time.

Seeing that Walter's breath became heavier and heavier, Molly pushed him away and took a few steps back. "Honey, don't be naughty. Amy and mother are still waiting for us. But look at you now. How about you go upstairs and take a cold shower first. I'll wait for you with them. "

Walter let out a long breath. It was lucky that Molly pushed him away. Otherwise, he was afraid that he would not be able to control himself and do something to her.

Seeing that he had come to his senses, Molly stepped forward and gently shook his arm. "Honey, now that I'm pregnant with our baby, can you hold on for a while? If you really feel wronged, do you want me to find a woman for you? "

Molly was just saying it, but Walter pulled a long face. He put his arm around Molly's waist and ordered in a low voice, "Don't say that again. I'm your husban

I dress like this? "

Today, Molly really changed a lot. Her dressing style was no longer dull white and black, but bright pink.

With a smile in his eyes, Greyson praised sincerely, "to be honest, you look good in this dress. If you don't mention your age, no one will believe that you are a thirty year old woman. "

Molly rolled her eyes at him.

She was pretty, but she didn't want to dress up so coquettishly.

She was her, not Shelly.

Everyone had his own style, and the reason why she changed was because of Amy.

It seemed that all mothers in the world were great.

Amy liked Greyson very much. She immediately waved at him and said, "Uncle, uncle Greyson. My dress is the same color as mommy's. "

Greyson nodded with a gentle smile and said, "yes, Amy is as beautiful as mommy."

Since Walter was not here, the three of them seemed to be a family.

Lucy was just not happy with Greyson. She coughed and said impolitely, "The chief photographer must have an appointment. It's not good to talk with us all the time."

Greyson glanced at Lucy and didn't care about Lucy's attitude towards him.

He just nodded politely to the Lucy, and then ignored her and looked at Molly, "do you know who I'm going to have dinner with tonight? Gerry! He will be here soon. Do you mind if we have a table with you? "

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