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   Chapter 63 the Fish Has Taken the Bait

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On the second day after Molly asked for leave and rested at home, everything went on as usual in the company. Without Shelly, the whole high-level office area felt particularly harmonious and quiet.

Obviously, Shelly was not popular in the company.

In the past few days, it was very quiet in the company. Shelly obeyed the company's arrangement obediently and didn't make any noise. She didn't even bother Walter.

Shelly's silence made Walter feel strange.

Could Shelly really give up all this?

Although the two women, Molly and Shelly, were not in the company, the employees had been talking about the two of them all the time.

At lunch time, everyone gathered in groups of three to five and talked about the gossip news that everyone in the company paid attention to.

"Tell me, did the vice president notice anything? I thought our company would be in a big trouble after that, but Mr. Walter behaved very calmly. Didn't the vice president embarrass him? "

Everyone was curious about this. It seemed that Molly didn't take any action.

Did the vice president really think that it was Shelly who wanted to seduce Mr. Walter?

Some colleagues shook their heads, "not necessarily! Although the vice president was gentle, she had high IQ and EQ. Our vice president graduated from a domestic prestigious university. I guess the vice president just put up with it. You didn't see the entertainer from the rival company the other day. Her husband cheated on her. That star was rich and famous. They thought she would divorce him directly, but she held back her anger and forgave her cheating husband. She even took her husband to attend the red carpet and live shows. "

His words immediately resonated with others.

"That's right. Stars are always like this, let alone ordinary families? It was not easy for the vice president to have a daughter and a second child. Even if she knew that Mr. Walter had an affair, so what? She has to turn a blind eye for the sake of her child. "

Everyone could understand Molly's choice.

After all, in a m

s a pity that I was going to flatter you. "

The new model didn't show any sarcasm. She just thought that even if they entered such a big entertainment company, even if they signed a contract with the company.

But did she become an idol of everyone, or did she just go home and be a cold stool like Shelly?

It was hard to say.

Shelly sneered and then drew the new model over. "You know my identity. I'm Mr. Walter's lover. I just don't want to irritate his wife for a few days. After all, his wife was pregnant with a second child. In fact, Mr. Walter did this just to show his wife. In fact, we are in good relationship. Just wait and see. I can go back to the company in less than a month. "

Shelly had boasted. She had to go back to the company in a month.

But she really needed a helper. She took a deep look at the young model and then offered an extremely attractive offer. "Hester, you've just started your career. You also know how cruel our business is. Although you have signed an agreement with the company, you are still a trainee. It's hard to say if you can successfully make your debut without being eliminated. "

The new model was scared when she heard what Shelly said. She asked in a trembling voice, "Shelly, what do you mean? Did you hear some news? Does the company abandon me? "

Shelly smiled cruelly. Well, the fish had been hooked.

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