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   Chapter 62 Who Is The Baby's Father

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Shelly's mother had thought that her daughter would become a phoenix in the wind.

She thought she could live in the villa and enjoy her life with her daughter's help.

After all, her daughter was pregnant with Mr. Wu's baby. It was natural for Mr. Wu to give more property to Shelly.

But she never thought that the wealth she had longed for so long would be in vain in the end.

"What's going on, Shelly? Did he abandon the child? Does Mr. Wu want abandon his own child?

Shelly's mother was in a panic and raised her voice.

Startled, Shelly immediately covered her mother's mouth with her hand. Then she stretched out her body to see if there was anyone outside.

After making sure no one was there, Shelly pulled her mother back into the room and closed the door.

Shelly's mother didn't understand why her daughter was so panic.

Why can't we talk about it?

"What are you afraid of? If he really takes back the house, if he really doesn't care about you and your baby, I will go to his home every day to make trouble, and even expose it to the media. I don't believe he still can be quiet.

Her mother's pestering made Shelly helpless. She stamped her feet anxiously and said, "Mom, Can you stop making trouble for me? The baby in my belly is not Walter. Do you still want to tell others?"

Shelly's words scared her mother to sit on the sofa, unable to come to her senses for a long time.

What did Shelly just say?

The baby isn't Mr. Wu's?

If it wasn't Mr. Wu's, whose baby is it, then?

Nowadays, everyone had to depend on their parents. If the child's father was rich, then the child must be valuable.

But if the child's father was just a nobody, how could Shelly give birth to the baby?

Then this child could be useless and just spend money.

After a short silence, her mother immediately grabbed the hem of Shelly's clothes and asked anxiously, "Tell me, who is the child's father?"

She didn't want

gnant in the future, she would have to face the fate of being kicked out even if she could really squeeze out Molly and marry a rich man.

Children were so important to a family.

Shelly's mother shouted hysterically at her daughter in despair, "What should we do? What do you think we should do now? "

Her daughter's career was ruined. She couldn't be a star or a rich woman.

Should she go back to work in a nightclub?

Shelly wiped away her tears, her eyes full of viciousness. "I can't have an abortion. As long as you don't tell others, who knows that the baby is not Walter? This child is Walter's, as long as we say that. The top priority was not to have an abortion, but to find a father for the baby! But I can't let Walter know that I'm pregnant now. If he chooses to have a family and gives up on me and knows that I have a child and ask me to abort him, I will really suffer a great loss. Mom, don't worry. I'm waiting for the right time."

Shelly was still waiting for her chance.

This love battle was a long-term battle. Did Molly naively think that she could really smile after she won the previous round?

This time, Shelly had learned to be smart.

Shelly knew that the real competition between her and Molly had just begun.

It was still unknown who would win!

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