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   Chapter 60 Only Using A Little Trick

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Although Greyson was in front of Walter, he didn't have any scruples.

Greyson actually said sincerely, "You are so beautiful and young. It's not too much to say that you are a young girl."

What he said was indeed shocking. Molly squinted. Although she thought he said it on purpose in front of Walter, she just smiled and said nothing.

Being praised like this made people feel happy.

Walter coughed again to remind Greyson of his identity.

Greyson just smiled casually. Then he walked to Walter and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't mind, Mr. Wu. I just can't help telling the truth when I see the outstanding aura of the vice president. You know, it's a common fault of our photographers. They always praise beautiful women. Mr. Wu, are you narrow-minded? Are you angry with me just because I praised your wife? "

Greyson had pushed Walter to that height, so Walter had to endure his anger.

Molly was still smiling. She stood up and explained, "I was too bored in the hospital, so I wanted to go home to rest. Greyson came to the hospital to see me, so I asked him to send me home by the way."

It turned out to be like this. Walter believed that there shouldn't be anything between Greyson and Molly.

Moreover, he had an affair between him and Shelly. How could he suspect Molly?

Since Walter had come back, Greyson didn't want to stay here any longer.

He stood up and said goodbye to Molly and Walter, "I have other work to do. I'll go back first. Molly, have a good rest."

Molly frowned. Did he call her Molly?

Why did she call him so naturally and kindly?

Except for the closest person to her, no one would call her like that. Maybe because he was a good friend of Gerry, he was naturally closer to her.

Seeing that Molly had no objection, Greyson was in a better mood.

Instead of getting up, he was sent out by Walter.

In the garden, seeing that Greyson was about to get in the car and leave, Amy ran over to him and waved at him. "Is uncle going back? Goodbye, Uncle. Come and vis

his mother, "Mother, I've told you many times to be gentle when you educate Amy. You always shout in such a loud voice. How can Amy not be afraid of you?"

Amy's grandma looked helpless. She was kind-hearted to help take care of the child, but in the end, even her son would blame her?

"How could Amy tell you that? Well, I don't care about the baby. I'll go home."

Amy's grandma trembled with anger. She turned around and was about to leave.

Walter had no choice but to chase after her.

With a smile, Greyson squatted down and whispered in Amy's ear, "Is it really appropriate for you to lie to your grandmother like this?"

Amy blinked her watery eyes and shook her head innocently. "Uncle Greyson, I'm not lying. It's a white lie! You don't know my grandma. She always bullies my mommy like this. Of course I have to stand out to protect her. But I'm still young, and I can't persuade grandma, so I have to use a little trick. Uncle, you have to keep it a secret. Don't tell my mommy."

Looking at the Amy, Greyson stretched out his little finger and hooked the little finger with Amy's.

He was moved by the beautiful and intelligent Molly and Amy.

Molly used her way to protect the child's future, and Amy also used her own way to protect her mother Molly.

How could he not feel sorry for such a pair of mother and daughter?

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