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   Chapter 56 Don't Cherish Until You Lose It

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Fiona just thought women were pathetic.

Although there were many independent women in this era, some women were still struggling for love and family.

She was an example. Should she have a baby or not?

If she doesn't have a baby, she has to endure all kinds of contempt in this family, especially on festivals. When she goes to relatives, she sees that other people's children have run away all over the ground. She doesn't know what kind of words her mother-in-law will use to humiliate her.

If not?

Fiona knew that if she didn't have a child, her marriage with Jonny would come to an end.

So over the years, she had tried all kinds of methods. Until now, she still did not give up on having a tube baby. Her body had been tortured to death.

She just wanted a child. She didn't want to hurt herself. She just didn't want to give up the marriage.

Molly was luckier than her, but also unfortunate.

In the competition for children, Fiona was at a disadvantage. The most miserable thing was that her husband, Jonny, didn't stand on her side.

Therefore, Fiona just hoped that Walter could have a little conscience. At least after Molly had an abortion, she hoped that he could stand on Molly's side against his mother.

They had already had Amy. It would be best if they could have a boy, but if not, they shouldn't be too greedy.

Walter knew what Fiona said was right, but he didn't think it was necessary for her to worry about this.

Molly had a second child, and they all thought the child was a boy.

Walter thought that Fiona was just asking for trouble. He smiled and said indifferently, "I know you are worried about Molly, but this baby must be a boy."

It was this attitude that made Fiona even more disappointed.

"Look, are you so sure this baby is a boy? It means that you have been expecting him to be a boy. What if it is a girl? Or what if the child didn't exist? Are you going to break up with Molly? "

Not a boy? The baby didn't exist?

Walter didn't understand what Fiona meant, but he had never thought

id to you just now. Cherish everything you have, and don't think of cherishing it until you lose it. At that time, you will only regret all the wrong decisions you have made now."

Fiona turned around and left in a hurry, disappearing in the crowd soon.

Walter looked at the car in front of him in a trance. What Fiona said inadvertently enlightened him.

Yes, he couldn't cherish her until he lost her.

All Walter was thinking about was Molly. He planned to love and take good care of Molly from now on.

In the hospital, Gerry proposed to let Molly stay a few more days, but she insisted on leaving the hospital and returning home.

She had to find a way to transfer all their property as soon as possible, and she also had to be on guard against that woman, Shelly, who was desperate to take revenge on her.

Molly now felt that home was the safest place.

Greyson's car was downstairs. He proposed to send her back in person.

"You can take my car."

Thinking of what Shelly had said that day, Molly still felt a little scared.

She asked in confusion, "how is your driving skill?"

"Don't worry. My driving skill is as good as my photo taking skill," said Greyson confidently, although he couldn't help laughing. He didn't expect that Molly would ask such a question

In this way, Molly was finally relieved.

She decided to go home now!

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