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   Chapter 53 Is It Worth Betting With Your Body

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Molly knew that Fiona was a kind-hearted person. It was obviously the most difficult and painful thing for her to smile kindly to Walter.

Molly coughed and winked at Fiona.

Fiona had no choice but to smile stiffly. Then she persuaded, "Walter. Molly has told me about your relationship. Walter, I know what kind of person you are? You are different from Jonny. He is a playboy innately. But you have spoiled Molly for the past seven years. Apologize to Molly and coax her. You still have a daughter Amy. Can you divorce her as you like? "

Walter felt warm in his heart. He didn't expect that Fiona would take his side this time.

With the help of Fiona, Walter believed that he would pass the test easily.

Walter was a little moved. He walked to the bedside of Molly, gently held her hand and whispered, "I'm sorry, honey. It's all my fault. I didn't handle these things well, so you were hurt like this. But I swear that I have nothing to do with Shelly! I don't know what she said to you, but you have to remember that you are the only woman I love most. "

Walter said confidently, but she couldn't see through his affectionate eyes.

Molly's body trembled slightly. She couldn't tell whether Walter was telling the truth or not.

She couldn't tell who was the woman he really loved between herself and Shelly.

And which one was the only one in his heart?

Noticing that Molly was in a daze, Fiona immediately persuaded, "yes, Molly, Walter is so special. Such a perfect man is rich, handsome, gentle and considerate. There must be a lot of women outside who want to seduce him. "

Fiona's words hit Walter's heart. He nodded and promised seriously, "trust me. It's a misunderstanding, or a conspiracy of Shelly. She might want to alienate our relationship and take advantage of it! This woman is so scheming. I have stopped all her recent activities and temporarily banished her from the entertainment circle, so that she can remember a long time. "

In order to get Molly's trust, he

in his hand, and then walked to the bed, bending over and reaching out to feel Molly's forehead.

Fortunately, she didn't have a fever.

"Do you know how nervous I was when you were sent in?"

Gerry shook his head helplessly. He wanted to teach her a lesson, but he didn't want to.

How could he scold her like this?

Molly nodded, "I know. I know you will be very worried about me."

But if not, how could she deceive Walter? How could she cheat all the employees in the restaurant?

This time, Molly did make a big bet.

Gerry curled his lips and stared at Molly with his deep eyes. He felt sorry for her and asked helplessly, "do you think it's worth it to set up a trap for that woman?"

Molly was shocked at first, then lowered her head with a guilty conscience and asked in a low voice, "have you known everything?"

Gerry shook his head helplessly. How could he not know what Molly was thinking?

A few days ago, Molly came to the hospital to see him. She should have read a lot of books about leukemia.

She asked Gerry if the wound of a patient with leukemia was bleeding and it was not easy to heal.

At that time, Gerry had a vague feeling that Molly might make some trouble.

But he never thought that she would be so stupid to gamble on her own body.

Was it really worth it for a man like Walter?

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