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   Chapter 26 Her Belly Is Getting Bigger

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Molly was thirsty for drinks, but she was pregnant now.

She thought of the words that Gerry said to her, the baby must be aborted!

But she didn't go to the hospital to get an abortion. It took her a long time to get pregnant, how could she just have an abortion?

Watching Molly in a daze, Greyson sighed resignedly. Why you love your husband so much? You miss him even when you are eating? Sometimes I really can't understand why women like you choose to forgive or turn a blind eye to your husband's disloyalty as if nothing has happened. "

He felt pity for Molly.

He couldn't understand why did Molly have to sacrifice herself like this?

After all, she was the daughter of a rich and powerful family. But she was forced to marry a poor guy and helped him became the CEO. And then she was betrayed by him at the same time.

She could have a better life.

With a chuckle, Molly didn't say anything.

How could others understand her sadness?

Moreover, the man in front of her was only a handsome and unrestrained single man. A person who had not been married would not understand her persistent in marriage.

What's more, she only had this marriage now. She really didn't want to lose anything or anyone else, and she didn't want to lose everything she treasured.

Greyson was deeply attracted by Molly's melancholy, her eyes were filled with sadness.

But he didn't know that she used to be a lively and lovely girl despite her usual cold personality.

But now, she might not be as carefree and happy as before.

Greyson felt sorry for Molly.

He knew he wasn't her Mr. Right, but he just wanted to help her.

"Anna, the famous wedding dress designer, had a birthday party when I came back. At the birthday party, I talked to her about you. When she learned that you have won some awards as a wedding designer, she was very willing to let you work at her studio. But you have to start at the bottom, be her assistant. "

It was a rare opportunity to be an assistant. Although it was just an assistant, not everyone was allowed to be such an assistant.

Molly will be able to design new wedding dresses in two or three years with the help of Anna.

All the words uttered by Greyson touched Molly.

The wedding dress designer Molly had invited at the wedding banquet seven years ago and Anna.

They were all world-renowned wedding dress designers. Molly worshiped them so much.

"Or do you have a wedding dress designer you prefer? You can tell me who she is, and I'll help you to talk to her. You have a professional foundation, they will be willing to give you a job."

Greyson was so confident because he was an international photographer and was really famous.

The boss and designer of many brands had to do him a favor.

He was trying his best to help Molly.

Molly was very moved, but……

Anna's studio was in abroad. How could she be willing to leave her children and family, then go to work?

Besides, considering her health, she could not leave.

Molly felt exhausted.

Molly thought perhaps she should have given up her dream.

She smiled gratefully and told Greyson the truth, "Thank you, Greyson. Thank you for thinking so much for me. Wedding dress designer was

my dream. Yes, I really like this profession. But I'm going to work in my own company soon. "

Although the entertainment company was founded by Molly's father, her husband Walter was the CEO.

Did Walter allow Molly to work in the company?

But that's all right for Greyson. He could often meet Molly in the company.

'Perhaps she would give up everything and be a wedding designer when she found the marriage was at an end and couldn't be repaired.'

Anyway, he planned to stay at home for a few more years.

He curled his lips into a regretful smile and said, "Well then, I respect your choice. It's a pity."

With a faint smile, Molly didn't say anything else.

She always knew that it was a pity for her to give up her original dream.

As a result, there was no back for her.

Outside a five-star hotel on Keller Road, all kinds of super stars with their dancing partners walked on the red carpet.

It was a crowded place.

Walter and Shelly waited in the car for the red carpet's order.

When they arrived at the building, Walter anxiously looked at the watch on his wrist. He guessed that Molly had already prepared dinner and was waiting for him at home.

Walter was unwilling to participate in this activity because he had a habit of going home for dinner.

However, It was because Shelly had begged him to take her to the party and then she would be more popular.

Only by showing up in front of the media can people remember her.

She was dressed sexily, but her dress was too big for her.

"Your previous style of dressing was to wish that the less fabric, the better. Why have you always been wearing a long dress that doesn't fit well recently?"

Although this dress didn't fit her, she had her own ideas on it.

The hemline was well cut and it was split to the top, revealing her two white and smooth legs which were particularly attractive.

It made her look more sexy and enchanting.

Because she didn't tell Walter that she was pregnant. When they made love, she either asked to turn off the light with an excuse that the light was too bright, or refused to put on a long skirt and stay on the floor, so that she could muddle through the accident.

But after all, her belly would grow bigger and bigger.

She could still hide the truth. If the baby grew completely in two months, it would be too late for her to have an abortion.

Shelly was preoccupied. She didn't dare to take the risk.

Not knowing that Shelly was pregnant, Walter thought that the weight had been increased because of her recent pressure.

"Have you gained weight recently? That's why he doesn't wear tight skirts? You'd better control your weight. You were a model, and your figure is your life! If your figure is not good enough, even if I want to praise you in this industry, I can't go on. "

Shelly had to say, "Yes, I've gained some weight recently. I will take care of my body. "

She replied perfunctorily, but she was a little worried in her heart.

'No matter I take this baby or not, I can't tell Walter that I'm pregnant for now, ' thought Shelly.

'If he knew that, I would never take over the position of Molly. Then Walter would take me to the hospital and have an abortion!'

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