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   Chapter 377 Be Easier

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"What's the matter?" Obviously, Bess didn't want to talk nonsense with Nancy.

Worried that Bess would feel be humiliated, Nancy said hesitantly.

She tried to speak as euphemistically as possible, "Bess, do you still remember that I told you last time that Mond was going to open a film and television company?"

"Of course I remember it. I still remember Mr. Mond said that he wanted to find me a suitable role. I am still thinking about becoming a big star."

Bess said excitedly.

Hearing this, Nancy took the opportunity to say. "Here's the thing. Mond told me that the film and television company will be established soon. He wants you to come here first and adapt to the environment. After that, you can be my assistant or he can recommend a role to you. We hope you can come here as soon as possible. Can you resign from your work now?"

"Is what you said true or not? How could it be so fast? I thought it would take a long time."

At this time, Bess's voice was a little high, not as cautious as it was just now.

Nancy could not help reminding her, "Didn't you tell me that you are still at work? Don't speak too loudly. Others will hear you."

"Yes, I'm in the bathroom now. Do you think I'll answer your phone in front of everyone?"

Hearing her voice, Nancy could tell with her toes that Bess must be rolling her eyes now.

"Yes, it's true. Although we two are good friends, I don't want to force you. After all, the entertainment circle is very complicated, because this film and television company is run by Mond, so I invite you."

Nancy spoke out her opinion frankly and told Bess her comment on the entertainment circle.

"Well, you don't have to explain so much to me. Do you still take me as your good friend?"

Bess seemed to be

, "Honey, what's wrong with your face? Did Mond hit you?"

At the end of her words, her face was full of anger.

However, Nancy gave her a look to calm down. At this time, Mrs. Lau had already made two cups of tea and brought them in.

"Thank you, Mrs. Lau. Go ahead with your work. I'll call you if I need anything." Nancy was very polite and didn't put on airs as a master even in the face of servants.

After Mrs. Lau left, Bess's face became serious. "Nancy, tell me what happened. I saw several strong men here just now. Are they here watching you?"

Hearing her rich fantasy, Nancy couldn't help laughing and said, "Bess, can't you think of good things? I didn't do anything wrong. Why would they watch me? "

"Your face must have been hit, so I have to think so."

It could be seen that Bess really cared about Nancy, because the expression on her face was not fake.

"Have a cup of tea first. I'll tell you the whole story." Nancy knew that she couldn't hide it from Bess.

Besides, she didn't want to hide anything from Nancy. After all, Bess was her good friend, it would be much easier for her to say something.

Therefore, Nancy told Bess everything.

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