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   Chapter 375 Be Complacent

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"It's true that you are our daughter. But, my dear daughter, I advise you that you and Mond have been married now. You must not act like a child. You two must discuss with each other whatever they do."

Hearing his mother-in-law's words, Mond gave a thumbs up to Nancy, indicating that his mother-in-law was awesome.

In front of her mother, Nancy was very obedient, she said, "Mom, I know. I will definitely listen to Mond, but you and dad must remember that once I suffer any grievance, you can't leave me alone."

"What are you talking about? No matter what happens, you are our precious daughter. Once you are really wronged, don't forget that our door is always open for you."

At this moment, Nancy was complacent, Mond said indifferently, "Don't be complacent. I won't give you the chance."

Mond hadn't say anything since Nancy answered the phone.

Now he suddenly said this, Ivy realized that he had been with Nancy. At this time, she was completely relieved.

Mond and Nancy chatted and laughed together, which proved that the two of them were very close and that nothing had happened as Ivy had worried.

Ivy said to her daughter, "Well, my daughter, I have something else to do. Come home for dinner when you and Mond have time."

Before Nancy could say anything, Mond shouted over the phone, "Thank you, mom. But I'm very busy with my work these two days, so we'll go back in three or four days. You and father must take care of yourselves."

Nancy looked at Mond speechlessly and swallowed what she was about to say.

Ivy's gentle voice came through, "Okay. Tell me in advance when you come home for dinner. I'll ask the servants to prepare more dishes. Don't worry. Your father and I are in good health. I have something to deal with. I have to hang up now."

After Ivy hung up the phone, Nancy asked in a repro


"That's good. After all, we don't have to worry too much."

Mond leaned back on the sofa, put his hand under his head and said, "There used to be several stars in this film and television company. Now I've told them that I won't beg them to stay if they are willing to leave. If they continue to stay here, I welcome them."

"But as far as I know, it will take some time for our company to train new talents, but it will also save a lot of money."

Nancy told Mond everything she knew in detail, hoping to help him. After all, he was a new hand in this respect.

"We have considered what you said. But after all, we have just started working in this field, so we need some stars to support the scene. Don't worry. It won't hinder us from training the new talents."

Although Mond was not familiar with this industry, he had considered everything, he was not investing blindly.

"By the way, I have already contacted Ellen, but I don't know why he hasn't replied me yet."

In Nancy's mind, it would be the best if she could bring Ellen here to cooperate with her.

After all, when she cooperated with him, the two of them did very well, and the atmosphere was also very harmonious, because he was a gentleman.

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