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   Chapter 374 Quarrel

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At this moment, the room was so quiet that even a needle dropping could be heard.

Nancy had just tried to persuade Mond outside, so she did her best. As for what he would do, she didn't want to interfere anymore.

Hedy's heart was pounding. She wondered if Mond would agree to her request.

After all, after what happened last night, she had been deeply touched.

She didn't expect that at that critical moment, Nancy would save her regardless of her own danger. This was something that she had never dreamed of.

If it weren't for Nancy hit the man with a chair, she wouldn't have been able to wait for Mond to save them.

So now, she regretted what she had done and knew that she had to pay the price for what she had done

Now the only thing she couldn't let go of was her parents. She was afraid that Mond would vent his anger on them.

She knew clearly about Mond's ability now. If he dealt with her parents, they would come to a miserable end.

Just when her heart was about to jump to her throat, Mond said in a low voice, "Okay, I promise you. I won't deal with them this time just because they have watched me grow up. If you are still stubborn, don't blame me for being ruthless..."

Mond's words were like the sound of nature to Hedy.

She wanted to have a try, but she didn't expect that Mond would agree.

After all, she knew better than anyone how many things she had done to hurt Mond and Nancy.

With a joyful look on her face, she expressed her thanks incoherently, "Thank you, Mond and Nancy."

Then she said to the policeman, "I'll tell you everything now. I won't hide anything."

Since things had come to this point, Mond thought it was unnecessary for him and Nancy to listen anymore

They just needed to wait for t

just asked casually. That's my pet phrase." Nancy said coquettishly.

But Ivy asked, "Where are you now? Did you quarrel with Mond yesterday?"

"Mom, why do you say that? How could I quarrel with him? " Nancy didn't understand what her mother meant.

Hearing her daughter's words, Ivy seemed to have a long sigh of relief on the other end of the phone. "That's good. Yesterday, Mond called me and asked if you had come home. I was worried that you two had a quarrel, but he told me you didn't..."

Unwilling to let her mother worry about her, Nancy glanced at Mond and asked, "Since he had called you yesterday, why didn't you call me until today?"

"I wanted to ask you yesterday, but your father told me that you two are still young and it's normal for you to have a fight. As parents, we shouldn't get involved. Besides, your father also said that Mond is a good child and he won't make you unhappy."

Mond heard their conversation clearly.

He proudly made a face at Nancy, as if he was laughing at her.

Seeing the childish look on Mond's face, Nancy couldn't help laughing and said, "Mom, don't trust him too much. Don't forget that I'm your daughter..."

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