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   Chapter 373 Play It By Ear

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No matter what was on Nancy's mind, Mond came up with a compromise. "Let's meet Hedy first. I don't know what's going on now, so I can't promise you right now. I can only tell you to play it by ear after we go inside and see what's going on."

Nancy knew that Mond had made a big concession. An arrogant man like him had never let go of anyone who was against him, let alone this woman had almost killed her.

"Okay, I just feel that Hedy is a little pathetic. As for what to do, I won't force you."

Hearing what Nancy said, Mond frowned, as if what she said was not credible at all.

The two of them came to this office. The policeman who was in charge of the case looked at them and said, "I just received a news that Hedy asked to see you. Do you want to see her or not?"

Originally, Hedy didn't have the right to ask for more since she was a criminal now, but in order to solve the case as soon as possible, the policeman told them what she wanted.

Without hesitation, Mond said, "We want to see her now. We want to know what else she wants to say."

"Then I'll take you there now." Originally, Hedy was transferred to this police station last night and hadn't been transferred to the detention center, so she was still in the police station.

Mond held Nancy's hand and followed the policeman to the room where Hedy was imprisoned.

The door of the room was ajar. When the policeman opened the door, there were two policemen in the room who were interrogating Hedy.

They were surprised to see Mond and Nancy come here so soon, but they didn't say anything.

The policeman who was responsible for the case asked them, "What has the suspect said?"

"She didn't want to say anything, she only said she wanted to see Mr. Mond and M

her feel uneasy.

She looked at Mond with beseeching eyes. Mond suddenly said, "What if I don't agree to your request? What will you do next? Are you not going to admit it? "

Worried that Mond might misunderstand her, Hedy hastily said, "I don't have this plan. No matter you agree or not, I will take the initiative to tell the policeman about it. In fact, I haven't made it clear to them so far, because I want to see you."

At this moment, she faced Nancy and apologized in a very sincere voice, "Nancy, I know I'm sorry for what I have done to you. I've done so many bad things and I didn't expect you to save me at that critical moment. I'm really sorry and thank you!"

However, Nancy told her, "I don't need you to thank me. As a woman, I don't want you to be insulted like that. After all, that kind of thing is unbearable for every woman."

"I know I can't ask for your forgiveness. I just want to express my gratitude and guilt for you."

Speaking of this, Hedy didn't forget to make a deep bow to Mond and Nancy.

As the saying went, a dying man was kind. Although Hedy was not dying, every word she said so far was what she was thinking now.

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