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   Chapter 372 Block The News

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Mond was a thoughtful man. He analyzed the weakness of human nature thoroughly.

Thinking of the pitiful look on Hedy's face just now, Nancy couldn't help saying, "Mond, I want to discuss something with you. Let's not hold Hedy accountable for this matter."

Mond didn't know what was on Nancy's mind, but he knew that they didn't identify Hedy in front of the police just now.

Except that Nancy was the victim, of course, all of them would be taken to the police station.

So now they had the chance to go back on their words, but Mond didn't want to forgive Hedy. "Nancy, why do you still want to forgive her? Don't you know how dangerous today's matter is for us?"

"I know what you are thinking and how dangerous it is. You don't know that the way those people treated Hedy just now made me very sad. After all, she is a weak woman. She just falls in love with someone she shouldn't love, so she goes to extremes."

Nancy said her true thoughts sincerely, hoping that Mond wouldn't blame Hedy.

Mond, on the other hand, sat aside in silence. Thinking of the dangerous scene just now, he couldn't agree to let go of Hedy just because of Nancy's few words.

Seeing that Mond's face darkened, Nancy knew that she couldn't persuade him in a short time, so she decided to wait until they went back.

When they returned to their residence, Mond told Charlie, "Inform the police and ask them to block the news."

"I see, Mr. Mond. Don't worry." Charlie replied respectfully.

It was almost dawn. They had been tossing all night.

Looking at the tired look on Nancy's face, Mond said with concern, "Have a rest first. Let's go to the police station together after you have a good rest."

Then he told Ron and Charlie, "You two can go back to have a rest. You can go to the company to discuss this matter in the afternoon."

? " Mond said impatiently.

However, it seemed that Nancy didn't notice his emotion. She still smiled and begged, "I remember that you told me before that Hedy's parents loved you very much since you were a child, so you can let Hedy go now as a reward for her parents' kindness to you."

"They don't have any kindness to me. It's just that when I was a child, I often played with Hedy. What's more, she did such a bad thing this time. Why shouldn't she be punished? Otherwise, she will go even further in the future."

Mond tried to sort things out between him and Hedy, in case that Nancy couldn't figure out what was going on.

However, the expression on Nancy's face didn't change, but she said in a sincerer tone, "I know it's a mistake for Hedy to fall in love with you. She shouldn't have fallen in love with you. Let's give her a chance to turn over a new leaf. I believe she won't make the same mistake again in the future."

"What's in your mind? If it were someone else, he would definitely want to put Hedy in jail. Why are you different from others? Aren't you a woman? "

At this moment, Mond was speechless, because he didn't know how to persuade Nancy. He could only say in a tone of disappointment.

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