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   Chapter 371 Listen To My Arrangement

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Charlie also trusted Ron's strength very much, so when Ron was in a fight with this man, he quickly ran to Nancy and Mond, in order to deal with an emergency and protect the two of them.

Now Hedy was half naked, staring blankly at what was happening in front of her. No one knew what was on her mind now.

They just stared at Ron and the man, forgetting that there were still several men lying on the ground.

Originally, in the eyes of Charlie and Mond, these men could only lie on the ground and moan.

The man in the lead was really good at fighting. Ron had fought with him for more than ten minutes, but he didn't knock him down, which was a great insult to Ron.

According to Ron's strength, he could fight 3 to 5 ordinary men at a time. He didn't expect that he would tie with a reckless man so far.

Seeing this, regardless of being tired, Charlie rushed over and fought with Ron against that man.

Soon, the man only run to avoid being beat up by Ron and Charlie.

At this moment, one of the three men who were lying on the ground gently got up. He took out a knife from his body and pounced on Mond and Nancy.

Ron had been relaxed a lot since Charlie came to help him.

At this time, he caught a glimpse of the man who was rushing towards Mond and Nancy. He shouted, "Watch out!"

He shouted and kicked at the man. The knife in the man's hand was kicked away.

At this time, Mond came back to his senses and punched the man in the face. The man fell down again.

Seeing that Mond had already punched this man, Ron knew that the man in front of him was no longer a threat, so he and Charlie quickly subdued the man in the lead.

At this time, the man who wanted to attack Mond was lying on the ground and could not move any more.

At this time, the police outside hadn't co

ond's nervousness. Perhaps after a period of time, he would relax and no longer restrict her like this.

In order not to make him worry, she agreed obediently, "Well, I'll listen to you. Is that okay?"

"That's good. Then it's settled. There's no room for negotiation in the future."

Mond made the decision without authorization. What was on Nancy's mind? How could he not know?

After all, few young girls like Nancy were used to being bound by others. Of course, she was no exception.

Knowing that the man in front of her had seen through her mind, Nancy didn't dare to say anything more. After all, after what had happened tonight, it was normal for everyone to have some extreme thoughts.

When Mond came here, they felt that the road was so long.

Now that Nancy had returned to his side safely, he was much relieved. Therefore, when he went back, he didn't drive as fast as he did when came.

Charlie asked Mond, "Mr. Mond, do you think Hedy's parents knew what happened tonight?"

"It's impossible for them to know. As her parents, they don't want their daughter to do such a reckless thing. Even they hate me, they would rather do it themselves than let their daughter do it..."

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