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   Chapter 370 Not A Threat

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Nancy smashed the chair on the man's back. Although she was a weak woman, she was not weak when she was in anger.

This man was still half-naked, when the chair was smashed down, he let out a scream and cursed angrily, "You bitch, do you want to die?"

Other men also came to their senses. They pulled away Nancy with all their might. One of them gave her two slaps in the face and kicked her far away, she crashed onto the wall.

All of a sudden, she felt dizzy. These men were too strong.

With her eyes wide open, Hedy forgot to cover her upper body.

She had never dreamed that at this critical moment, Nancy would save her regardless of her own danger. It was impossible for her to do that.

The man who was smashed stood up and walked up to Nancy. He stepped hard on her body and said with a ferocious face, "I thought you were Mond's wife and didn't want to make things difficult for you, but now you ask for trouble. Don't blame me for being rude to you."

Seeing the ferocious look of the man in front of her, Nancy knew that she had been a little reckless, but she didn't regret it, because she knew that if she hadn't done it just now, Hedy would have been raped by this man now.

Seeing the man's expression, she knew that he wouldn't let her go.

So she stopped pretending to be pitiful and warned, "Now that you know who I am, let me go. If you do something impolite to me, Mond will not let you go."

In fact, when she said this, she had no confidence in herself.

Obviously, these men knew her identity and kidnapped her.

So they wouldn't let her go next.

"Bitch, don't tell me these nonsense. Since you dare to hit me, you should be mentally prepared. You know what kind of person I am. Mond is indeed powerful, but it doesn't mean that he has the ability to save


At this time, Charlie had dealt with the other three men and went straight to the man in front of Mond.

This man was really agile, and even Charlie couldn't get any benefit from him.

Charlie had fought with three men just now, so he was a little tired and panting.

At this moment, Ron came in. It turned out that he had received a message and came here.

The police outside told him that Mond and Charlie had already gone in. Ron didn't dare to waste time. He was worried that Charlie couldn't handle it alone if something really happened inside the room.

After all, the physical condition of Mond was very bad. It would be good if he didn't drag him and Charlie back.

Hearing the fighting and curses in the room, Ron knew that Mond and Charlie had already been fighting with the people inside.

He rushed into the room as soon as possbile. As expected, although Mond didn't fall to the ground, he seemed to have no strength at all. Only Charlie was fighting with that man desperately.

"Charlie, go and check on Mr. Mond and Miss Nancy. Don't let the others run away. I'll take care of this man."

Ron ordered confidently. In his eyes, this person was not a threat at all.

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