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   Chapter 341 Surprise

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Nancy laughed, "Bess, when did you become so well-educated? I am really impressed."

The two of them burst into laughter, without any scruple.

Bess stopped laughing first and asked, "When did you come back? How is your old man's injury?"

"Beauty, I'm only eighteen years old now. Don't say old man, it is frightening."

On the other side of the line, Nancy rolled her eyes. Unfortunately, Bess couldn't see her. Otherwise, she would definitely make fun of her.

"Well, I'm sorry. How is your husband now? He should be good, right? "

According to her understanding of Nancy, if Mond hadn't recovered well, she wouldn't have been in such a good mood to joke with her.

"He is almost recovered now. If you don't look at him carefully, you can't tell that his leg was injured before."

Speaking of this, Nancy was very happy and proud.

Bess couldn't help but sigh at the other end of the line, "Nancy, you are so happy. Although you two used to get married for business, Mond likes you. You two are in love now, aren't you?"

Nancy had never hidden anything from her good friend, not to mention that she wanted to share her joy with her.

She said in a joyful tone, "Yes, I was a little unhappy when our family arranged for us two to be together. Although I knew it was fake, I didn't expect to meet such an excellent person as Mond by accident."

"Don't talk too much. Can he speak and walk now?" As Nancy's good friend, Bess also cared about Mond's health.

After all, only when Mond was a healthy man could Nancy feel happy.

"Yes, he can speak and walk like a normal person now."

Speaking of this, Nancy suddenly remembered the purpose of her call. "Where on earth are you working now?"

"Don't mention it. Since I resigned from the previous company, I've applied for several companies, but I'm not satisfied with them, so I am just makin

a surprise." Nancy slowly walked up to her mother.

"I don't know if your father is in the company now."

Because in Ivy's heart, Nate was too busy with his work.

"It doesn't matter. I'm glad to see you. Mom, I bought you my favorite dragon fruit. Let me peel one for you."

Nancy attentively picked up the knife and peeled the dragon fruit.

"Why don't you have time today? Why don't you accompany Mond at home?"

"He went to work yesterday. He didn't have the mood to stay at home."

"Oh, this child is too responsible. I thought he would have a good rest at home for such a long time abroad. I didn't expect him to go to work so soon."

Although Ivy said so, she thought her son-in-law was very responsible.

"There is only my father-in-law in the company now. Nathan and Elroy are not there, so Mond wants to devote himself to the company as soon as possible to help his father to ease his burden."

Ivy nodded and said, "Yes. Now there is no one else in the Lu Group. It's right for Mond to take over the company as soon as possible, or his father will be too tired."

After all, Noah wouldn't feel very tired with the help of Nathan and Elroy in the past. Now the situation was different, so what Mond did was right.

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