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   Chapter 259 Misunderstanding

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"I know, Director Zhou. We all understand that it's all men's fault. Besides, I drove there that night. How could it be possible for me to follow you? I saw with my own eyes that Director Zhou was indeed drunk. But if other colleagues saw these photos, would they think the same as me? It's hard to say."

Now the reason why Charlie released these photos was that he believed in these photos, and no one would believe it even if he took them out. In fact, this was a disguised threat.

How could Director Zhou, an old fox, not understand what Charlie meant? But under the eaves, he had to bow.

He could only say, "what Charlie is worried about is that now people's hearts are so complicated. No one knows what they are thinking."

"Yes, everyone knows that Director Zhou has high prestige in the company. We can't affect you for a little thing. Isn't it a little loss for us? After all, it's hard to predict what kind of person one is."

Hearing what Charlie said, Director Zhou said directly, "Charlie, let's be straightforward. What do you want me to do?"

Charlie was very sincere and fearful. He said in a particularly polite tone, "Director Zhou, you've misunderstood. Mr. Mond respects you very much, and we don't dare to have any requirements to you either. Aren't we going to hold a board meeting in the next two days? We hope that Director Zhou won't put forward any more things that are unfavorable to Mr. Mond. Even if he doesn't work in the company, Mr. Mond also has shares which won't be given to anyone. "

A wise man should not say too much. Hearing what Charlie said, Director Zhou understood what he meant.

But he had his own worries. "Charlie, since you have said that, let me make it clear to you. The profit that Nathan has promised to everyone is very considerable. Even if I don't mention it, the other colleagues will also mention it. You know, now people are all in line with money."

"Thank you for your warning, Director Zho

dvantage of the situation and deducted the extra money we gave to himself. As a result, we didn't get the land."

Mond's words made Charlie and Ron two admire him very much.

Ron admired Mond from the bottom of his heart. After all, Mond couldn't find out the truth if he didn't investigate it carefully.

He asked curiously, "Mr. Mond, you seldom go out. No matter what you do outside, it's me and Charlie who are with you. How do you know about it?"

Even Charlie, who was waiting for his answer, didn't know why Mond got the information.

"Let me tell you the truth. After Director Liu took away the money of the company, I began to suspect that he didn't do it well, so I asked my classmate, who is a good friend of the leader, to ask about it. The leader said that the people of our Lu Group don't know the manners of the world, so I thought of this matter. It must be our fault that money was not enough."

Hearing this, Ron was a little worried, "even if we have proved it now, there is no evidence to prove that the money was embezzled by Director Liu."

Charlie also agreed with Ron. After all, in this society, everything should be based on evidence. As the saying goes, the evildoer should be seized with evidence, and the rapist should be arrested with evidence. This was very common.

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