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   Chapter 242 Superficial Skills

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When the father and son were talking, Nathan also entered the room, reeking of alcohol.

Nathan saw Mond talking to his father in the living room. Although his mother had informed him of Mond's arrival, he didn't know when his father came. It seemed that it was not good for him to talk to Mond at this time

However, Nathan still greeted them with a smile, "Dad, brother, haven't you gone to bed yet?"

"Come here. Tell me, where have you been at night? And you are full smell of alcohol. " Noah shouted in a low voice.

"I had a party with my friends tonight and invited them to a drink." Nathan didn't tell his father that he drank with several directors. He knew clearly that if he told his father about it at this time, he wouldn't live as if he didn't want to.

However, Noah was a very powerful man. He could make the Lu Group so big, not a fake name.

He asked suspiciously, "are you telling the truth? Are you playing tricks on me? "

Mond didn't say a word. He wanted to see how Nathan was going to perform.

"Dad, I know you misunderstood me, but something is really not what you think. You will understand me after a long time. It's getting late. You should go to bed early."

Nathan didn't want to argue with his father or say anything to Mond.

Noah said nothing. Nathan walked into his room, ignoring his father and Mond.

"It's getting late. You should go back and have a good rest. There are still a few days left. Everything is not settled yet," said Noah, comforting him

Elroy also came back at this time. He was a rash man.

When he saw his father and Mond together, he knew that they must have something in the daytime to talk.

But now Elroy didn't make any comments on this matter. He said goodbye to them and went back to his room to have a rest.

It seemed that

idn't want to bring his work trouble to his family. In his heart, family should be a place for him to relax. If he was involved in the unhappiness at work again, there would be no warmth of family.

Sansa didn't ask, but took care of him in bed all the time.

Noah tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. Sansa couldn't help asking, "what's wrong with you tonight? Is there anything bothering you? It must have something to do with Mond. I think he looks a little strange tonight."

Originally, Elroy and Mond were enemies. So Noah didn't want to talk about this with Sansa. But he didn't want to be unhappy about it. If he said it out, he might feel better.

Since he couldn't fall asleep, he sat up and asked, "how do you feel about Nathan?"

Mrs. Sansa was shocked by his words. Sansa knew well about Nathan's mood and temper.

But their relationship was a little sensitive, so Sansa felt that whatever she said was inappropriate.

But for Noah's question, Sansa had to answer it. She said with some hesitation, "this child is not close to me at ordinary times, and I don't have much contact with him. You know, he seldom talks to me at home, so I really don't know much about his temper."

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