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   Chapter 240 Get to the Point

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Nathan's words hit the nail on the head. All the directors looked at each other in dismay.

Although there was no problem with the Nie Group so far, the cooperation between the Lu Group and those companies was not suspended. Once there was something wrong, it was very likely to be the problem mentioned by Nathan.

Director Zhou took the lead and said, "let me tell you something. We don't care about the personal feud between Nathan and Mond, but this matter involves the interests of all our directors, so we must let the president give us an explanation."

Hearing what Director Zhou said, everyone nodded in agreement.

Seeing this, Nathan looked at Aron and Hedy complacently, indicating that he was doing the right thing.

Aron seized the opportunity to stand up and said, "in fact, we have another plan for you. If Mr. Mond quits the company, he will draw out his shares and distribute them to you."

Although this was a cliche, they had already talked about this bait with many directors.

But now that Mr. Nathan could talk to everyone face to face, in the eyes of all colleagues, this matter was certain.

But they didn't know Nathan's plan.

He did agree to transfer the shares of Mond to everyone, but he didn't say how much he wanted to withdraw, so he could explain it for himself in the end.

Especially for the protection of their own money, so all the directors agreed with what Director Zhou said.

"Since that's the case, let's work together. I don't believe that Mr. Noah doesn't give Mond any punishment. After all, he need to convince everyone."

When Director Zhou said that, he glanced at Hedy. No one knew what he meant.

However, Nathan realized that it was true that Director Zhou was a lascivious man.

The old man might have taken a fancy to Hedy, or he wouldn't have agreed to coopera

one would fall short of success. If that was the case, Nathan would blame her.

However, the man didn't intend to let her go. Instead, he pulled her hard and freed one hand to untie her clothes.

"Don't pretend to be serious. You know what you want us to do and you have to pay the price. That's why Nathan asked you to send me back. You have called him just now, but he didn't answer on purpose. Don't you understand what he is thinking?"

"Director Zhou, we do have a request for you now, but it doesn't mean that I want to sacrifice myself to you. I'm not that kind of person. As for what Nathan means, I don't understand at all, and I won't do as he said."

At this moment, the buttons of her blouse, which were worn by Director Zhou who was burning with anxiety, were all broken. At this time, what Hedy showed was only her underwear.

Although she hated Mond and Nancy in her heart, she disdained to trade her body for revenge on Mond.

In the daytime, Director Zhou was still so old that his hair had turned much white, which made her sick.

Seeing that Director Zhou didn't let her go, Hedy knew that she only had a short chance. If she didn't break free at this time, she was likely to be raped by him.

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