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   Chapter 238 Reasonable

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6364

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"Have you informed Mrs. Nancy not to come to the hospital again after work?" Charlie was very considerate and worried that Nancy's next meeting would be in vain.

"I have sent her a message, but she hasn't replied. I don't know what she is thinking." Mond was a little worried. He didn't know if Nancy would like to go back to the Lu Family with him.

Charlie and Ron were speechless. After all, it was Nancy's idea. No one could guess it.

Moreover, Nathan had done something wrong to her before, so the two of them kept silent.

But now, for the sake of his lifelong plan, Mond couldn't care so much. The most important thing now was to retrieve his position in the company.

Now it seemed that after all, Nancy was reasonable. She should be able to understand Mond's difficulties.

So when they sent Mond back to the Lu Family, the other three hadn't come back yet.

Because so many things had happened in the company today, not to mention that it was almost time to get off work.

When Sansa saw Mond come back, she immediately walked up to him and asked, "Mond, why are you discharged from the hospital? Didn't the doctor ask you to stay for two more days?"

"Mr. Mond feels much better now. He said he felt uncomfortable in the hospital, so it's better for him to go home and have a good rest," Charlie replied respectfully on behalf of Mond.

"Well, there is a family doctor at home. Take good care of yourself." Now she didn't know what had happened in the company and just believed what Charlie said.

But when Hilton came out, she saw Mond, Charlie and Ron in the living room. She knew that her son's plan had been carried out.

Otherwise, Mond wouldn't have left the hospital so early.

But she pretended not to know about it and greeted hypocritically, "Your health is important now. You should stay in the hospital for a period of time before you go home, so that you c

husband would say when they came back.

But as soon as she arrived at the bedroom, she called Nathan and wanted to tell him that Mond had already gone home.

Although it was time to get off work, Nathan was still in the office discussing the matter with Aron.

He picked up the phone without hesitation and asked, "Mom, what's up?"

"Son, did you make a scene in the company today?"

"How did you know that? It seems that you are well-informed." Nathan didn't forget to tease his mother.

Hilton didn't want to talk about this with him, but said nervously, "Now Mond is at home. Didn't your father say that he is seriously ill? It seems that he has left the hospital."

"Oh, it seems that he has already known about it and can't stay in the hospital any longer. Mom, don't worry. The directors are aggressive at the meeting today. If Mond doesn't give them an explanation, they won't let it go..."

Hearing Nathan's determined words, Hilton felt a little relieved. She told him what had happened just now and said, "You didn't see the livid look on Mond's face just now, which means that he is very angry with this matter. Besides, he is now in the living room, waiting for your father and you to come back. You must think of a reason to talk to him..."

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