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   Chapter 236 Unchanged

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"Let's just listen to Mr. Noah. I believe that he is not a person who practices fraud. Moreover, this matter hasn't caused any loss to our company, so everyone is worrying about nothing."

Director Fang said casually. Noah looked at him and nodded secretly, feeling that what he said was particularly reasonable.

Hearing that he had said so, all the directors were too embarrassed to say anything more.

As the saying goes, father loves his children. After all, Mond was still a member of the Lu Family. It was normal for Noah to favor his son.

Moreover, in the minds of all the directors, if Noah didn't delegate his power, there was no possibility for Nathan to get the position, so no one was willing to offend him now.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Director Fang made a decision without authorization. "Then it's a deal. Now that Mr. Noah doesn't know, don't make things difficult for him anymore. Let's find out everything first."

Since things had come to this point, no one was willing to take the lead to say anything. After all, it was very reasonable to say that a gun was aimed at the head.

"Now that you trust me, please give me some time to deal with it. If there is nothing else, you can dismiss the meeting."

No matter how reluctant they were, no one dared to offend Noah since he said so.

Seeing everyone walk out of the room in succession, Noah said in a low voice, "Nathan, go to my office."

Seeing his father's unhappy face, Nathan knew that he had made a big mistake.

After all, he had done something disgraceful, and he didn't care about his father's opinion on this matter, so he had been mentally prepared. His father must want to scold him when he called him over at this time.

But he didn't care. After all, he had expected this to happen.

As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. T

t united. The most important thing is that Mr. Mond did not cause much loss to the company, so the board of directors did not take this matter too seriously."

Aron pointed out the key point of this matter, hoping that Nathan could be mentally prepared.

"I know what you're talking about, but now the gun is loaded, and we have to do it. At this point, we can only succeed, and we can't fail." Nathan said fiercely.

Because now, he had found that even Noah was on Mond's side. If it took too long, it would be very disadvantageous to him.

Aron had no choice but to go out. Nathan was his boss, and he had to obey his orders.

This matter quickly arrived at Charlie's ears, he quickly came to the hospital and told Mond everything.

In the end, he didn't forget to make up his mind and said, "Mr. Mond, now it seems that Mr. Nathan and Hedy have been locked together. The two of them are obviously against you. It's too despicable to do such a thing when you are sick in the hospital..."

Mond's face darkened, as if he was not surprised at all.

It was not that he was a prophet, but that he thought he didn't do anything wrong to let Nathan find out. Now, he also found that Nathan didn't love him at all.

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