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   Chapter 233 Waiting For The Last Chance

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"How many directors haven't you communicated yet?"

In the face of Nathan's question, Aron said neither overbearing nor servile, "Except for a few directors who are close to Mr. Mond, we have talked with the rest. Judging from their expressions, there shouldn't be any difficulties."

"You did a good job on this. If this matter is settled, I promise I will not treat you unfairly."

Facing Nathan's words, Aron smiled and said, "Mr. Nathan, don't think about it. I'm willing to work for you, because it's also my honor."

Nathan was very satisfied with Aron's modesty. Unlike other men, he didn't always ask for credit for anything he did.

"My father doesn't know about it, right? Tell Director Zhou. Ask him to hold a board meeting of the company as soon as possible. If Mond knows it, it won't be as easy as it is now. "

Aron was used to Nathan's resolute actions.

However, what he said next set Nathan's mind at rest. "We have reached an agreement on this matter. If nothing goes wrong, the board meeting will be held at three o'clock this afternoon."

"Where is Hedy now?"

Aron replied, "As far as I know, she is still working hard for this matter, just in order to make it more stable."

"This stupid woman did such a stupid thing just because she couldn't get Mond. After I take over the Lu Group, the first thing I will do is to kick her out of the company. Our company doesn't want such a stupid woman."

Nathan said with a mocking smile on his face. Aron didn't agree with him. "Mr. Nathan, you are wrong. This woman is so stupid that she is willing to be used by us. Moreover, her father is an official. We can't offend her for this matter."

"That's right. Let's put it aside for the time being. We'll talk about it when everything is settled."

In Na


Nathan appeared at the board meeting with Hedy, but he didn't say anything. He waited quietly for the progress of the matter.

Obviously, Noah had already known about it. He was very angry about it. It had passed in his mind.

As far as he knew, only a few people in the Lu Family knew it. How could it be known to all now?"

But as the director of the company and the father of Mond, he had to say something.

At first, he said the opening. His face was as dark as water. No one could guess what he was thinking.

"Directors, I think you all know the purpose of today's meeting. If you have anything to say, you can put it on the table and we can solve it together."

After all, Mond was Noah's son. Although they were angry, they knew that offending Mond meant offending Noah. So they looked at each other and wanted others to speak first.

As the saying goes, "The outstanding usually bear the brunt of attack", everyone understood this principle.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Director Zhou, the leader of the board, said, "Since everyone is here for the same goal, let's tell Mr. Noah what we are thinking. I'm thinking, it's better to make everything clear."

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