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   Chapter 232 There Is No 'In Case'

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6273

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"Mom, please sit down. I do have something to discuss with you." At this time, Nathan was very filial and helped his mother sit down.

Looking at her son's serious expression, an ominous premonition suddenly arose in her heart. Hilton was afraid that this child would make some trouble again.

"Well, just say it. Don't hide with me." Thinking of the time when her son had kidnapped Nancy, Hilton felt a chill creep up her spine. Now it seemed that she couldn't control her son at all.

"Mom, I'm going to take advantage of Mond's illness. I've asked the doctor and he can't go to work in the company now. I'm going to contact all the directors and kick Mond out of the Lu Group, and then ask him to hand over his shares..."

When Nathan said this, his eyes flashed with greed, as if the money had been in his hand.

"It's easy for you to say that. You know your father's temper. Mond has lost his mother since he was a child. Besides, your father used to have a good relationship with Mond's mother, Anna, and your father always felt that he had mistreated Mond in his heart. So if you do this, your father will definitely stop you."

"I've already thought about it. Don't think about it. I just want to tell you, because last time, Mond asked our group to make a guarantee for the group of the Nie Family, which is a big taboo for us to do business. After all, no one is willing to make a guarantee for others despite the hard work they have earned."

Nathan finally grasped the weakness of human nature, which he had thought very thoroughly.

Although Hilton didn't agree with her son kidnapping Nancy in the past, she was in favor of kicking Mond out of the group of the Lu Family.

If he kicked Mond out of the Lu Group and took back his shares, Nathan would be in charge of the Lu Group when Noah got old.

"Son, I don't understand what you mean. But I hav

you don't have any social engagements tonight, come back early and I'll cook for you."

Hilton loved Nathan very much. She believed that her happiness for the rest of her life was all on her son.

As the saying goes, a mother depends on her son. It makes sense.

"Mom, I'm leaving now. Just wait for my good news. When Dad retire, I'll take over the Lu Group. Mom, you can enjoy yourself at home."

"You are such a good boy. You are so filial to your mother now."

Hilton was very happy, because she believed in her son's ability to do things. Sometimes, Nathan was too reckless to achieve the expected results.

This was what she was thinking, but she was unwilling to tell Nathan because she was afraid that her words would ruin his interest.

Now that Nathan's goal had been achieved and his mother supported him very much. Before Mond came to the company happily, Nathan intended to make the final preparation for forcing him.

Not long after Nathan arrived at the company, Aron came uninvited. He told Nathan, "Mr. Nathan, you seem to come a little late today. As for that matter, what should we do next?"

"I won't care you do whatever, but I just want the result."

Nathan looked fierce, as if Mond had offended him somehow.

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