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   Chapter 230 Take the Opportunity to Provoke

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6180

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This was a blatant provocation to Nancy. Although Nancy was kind-hearted, she had tolerated whatever Hedy had done to her before.

This time, Hedy said something like that to Mond, which made Nancy unable to bear anymore.

At this time, Mond took out a pen and paper and wrote, "don't say these boring words again. Have you forgotten what I have said to you before?"

Nancy continued, "I know you and Mond grew up together, but so what? He has married me, hasn't he? "

The couple attacked Hedy together, which made her very angry. In Hedy's heart, the two of them were like a spent arrow.

But she didn't expect that they were still so arrogant in front of her without knowing anything at all.

At first, Hedy felt annoyed to see Nancy, but when she thought of the words Mond had just written to her, she suppressed her anger and told Mond with a smile, "Brother Mond, I won't disturb your rest. I'll come to see you when I have time."

Then Hedy walked out of the ward, pretending to be dignified. She didn't dare to quarrel with Nancy.

Lowering his anger, Mond asked, "what are the bodyguards doing outside? Why didn't they stop Hedy from coming in?"

However, Nancy comforted him, "don't be angry anymore. In fact, Hedy is also a member of your company, and the bodyguards know her. It's normal to let her in."

"Seeing her come in, I was so upset." Mond was a little angry.

However, when Nancy looked at him, she said, "I don't believe what you said now. She is your good friend. Why are you unhappy when you see her?"

"Don't say that again. I know you are in a bad mood, but there is nothing I can do about it. I have explained it clearly to you. Don't be angry with me anymore."

Mond, who used to be domineering, now showed a pitiful expression in front of the campus pretty, which made Nancy unable to say anyt

alf of Mond, "father, don't worry. I've asked the doctor. The doctor said that he would be able to leave the hospital after staying in the hospital for a few days."

"This child has lost his mother since he was a child. Nancy, you should take care of him more. I would like to arrange someone to take care of him, but he was unwilling, so I have no other choice."

Noah said helplessly. Then Nathan told Noah, "Dad, you stay here for a while. I'll go to the doctor and ask him what's going on."

Noah waved his hand, indicating that he could go out now.

Waiting for his son to go out, Noah asked Nancy, "Nancy, tell me, did our family do anything wrong to you?"

When he told this matter, Nancy knew that Mond might have told his father that she had been kidnapped by Nathan.

But because of Mond's poor health, Nancy hesitated. Nancy didn't want to be bothered. In her heart, it was better to be less bothered.

She took a look at Mond, who looked at her calmly without saying anything.

Therefore, Nancy didn't know how to answer. Instead, she said ambiguously, "father, no matter what our family did to me in the past, it's in the past. I'm still a member of the Lu Family. I don't want to pursue anything else."

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