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   Chapter 225 I Will Revenge

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6170

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Just as the two of them were flirting with each other, an unexpected guest came outside.

The bodyguards outside saw her working in the company, so they didn't stop her and let her in.

Today, in the company, Hedy obeyed Nathan's order to persuade all the directors.

She came to Director Zhou first, he was a more than 60 year old man who played an important role in the company.

Director Zhou was a little confused when he saw Hedy come in. This girl had just worked in the Lu Group for a short time, and he was not familiar with her. He didn't know why she came to his office.

Hedy greeted with a sweet smile, "Hello, Director Zhou. I'm Hedy from the sales department."

"I know you, a very beautiful girl. But what can I do for you?" Director Zhou put on a lovely smile.

When Hedy came in, she wore a low cut dress with a wide neckline. Anyone could see her plump chest at a glance.

"Director Zhou, you are the founding member of the company, and you are of great importance. I want to tell you something, because this is related to the future of the company."

"Oh, what is it? Tell me. " Hearing that it was related to the future of the company, Director Zhou became interested, but his eyes had been fixed on Hedy's chest, unwilling to move away.

"I know I shouldn't be in charge of this matter, but as a member of the company, I hope the company can grow stronger, so that we, as employees, can also have a career." First of all, Hedy said that she cared about the company very much.

Only in this way could she successfully attract Director Zhou's attention.

Sure enough, it was not beyond her expectation. Director Zhou frowned and said, "Let's not talk about other things first. Tell me the purpose of your coming."

"Then let me be straight to the point. The manager of our company, Mond. You know

nd you." Director Zhou laughed.

However, if Hedy thought that he would listen to her and obey her, she would be totally wrong.

After a pause, she continued, "Director Zhou, let's be straightforward. My biggest wish now is that you can kick Mond out of the company and get his shares back. In this way, he can't do anything in the future."

"It's not up to me. After all, Mr. Noah is in charge of it. If we want to do it, we have to work together with all the directors."

Director Zhou's words were not a lie, because the difficulty of this matter was obvious, and even Nathan could see it.

But on purpose, Hedy said, "Director Zhou, I know there are difficulties in this matter, but I also know that except for Mr. Noah, you have high prestige in the board of directors. If you help me, it will be much easier..."

"If this is done, what benefits can I get?" At this time, Director Zhou looked at Hedy with a faint smile, as if he was hinting something.

Hedy seemed to understand what he meant, but she pretended not to understand. She said in a very gentle voice, "Mr. Nathan has thought it over. If you kick Mond out of the company and take back his shares, he is willing to give these shares to you equally."

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