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   Chapter 223 Looking Forward To Coming Back

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6302

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"Dad, mom, you can go to have dinner now. I'll stay here with Mond and wait for Ron to come back."

In fact, the reason why she proposed this was that she wanted Mond to go out for a walk.

Now that Mond didn't want to go out for dinner, Nate and Ivy decided to go home and let Nancy stay here with him. After all, the two of them were a couple, and it was right for Nancy to take care of him.

"Then we two go back now. You can find a way to eat later." The two of them stood up and left, trying to leave some space for them.

They greeted Mond and then walked out of the ward.

Nancy saw her parents out, Ivy warned her earnestly, "Nancy, look at Mond. He is such a good man. In fact, he has said a lot to ease our psychological burden, which proves that he is a person we can rely on. You should take good care of him. After all, he is short of family affection."

"Don't worry. Mond can't rely on his family. His father is just so so to him. As for others, I feel that they are all covetous of him and want to kick him out of the Lu Family."

Thinking of how many bullies Mond had suffered in the Lu Family alone, Nancy felt a little heartbroken.

"You can tell your mother if you have anything, we will support you with all our strengths. I have asked the doctor just now. Mond's stomach illness is not light this time, so you can't be careless."

"But Mond told me that he could be discharged in a few days. Is he seriously ill?"

Nancy asked worriedly.

Nate didn't want his daughter to worry about Mond. He just told her, "Because he has an acute disease this time, it's a little serious. Moreover, he was treated in time. The doctor has told me that he can be discharged in a few days."

"You'd better go back now. Mond is alone in his ward. Why didn't his father send the servants to take care of him?"

Ivy blamed Noah for not taking good care of h


Otherwise, he wouldn't be willing to let Nancy stay in the hospital at night.

"Then I'll ask the bodyguards outside to accompany you back. Will you come back after dinner at home, or shall we wait for you to have dinner together?"

"I'd better go home and have some food. I'll come back after I change my clothes. I'll go to the film crew tomorrow."

Ron turned around and came to the ward. He called a bodyguard outside and asked him to send Nancy home.

After Nancy left the ward, Ron said, "Mr. Mond, Mrs. Nancy still has work to do tomorrow. If you let her stay with you at night, can she bear it?"

"It's okay. I almost have nothing to do at night. Besides, the bodyguards are next to us. If there is anything, I can call them. But you haven't been home for two days. It's time to go home and have a look."

Mond also cared about Ron's hard work. He was not a boss who would consider only himself, that's why Charlie and Ron follow him wholeheartedly.

"I'm fine. I've called my family just now and they all support my work. How about I live in the next bodyguards' room? If there is anything, I can be on call."

Ron was very considerate. He was worried about Mond. He and Charlie were not around, so he was a little worried...

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