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   Chapter 216 Full of Confidence

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Aron knew that his boss was very capable. Sometimes, his way of doing things was very fast and ruthless, which made people unable to react at all.

Aron had no choice but to accept the order of his boss and go out to handle it.

After all, since Mond was not in the company now, Aron could do whatever he wanted. As for Ron and Charlie, they were not Mond after all and had no right to restrain him.

So far, Mond had no idea of what Nathan and Hedy were doing here. Since Nathan and Hedy hadn't taken any action, Mond had no idea what they were doing.

Ron also thought of this in the hospital. But he didn't think about what Nathan would do.

"Mr. Mond, I think Mr. Nathan came here today with not simple purpose. He should be here to check your condition. If you can't go back to the company in a short time, will he do something tricky in the company?"

Ron reminded Mond worriedly.

"He won't let go of this good opportunity, because I can't go back to the company in a short time, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him. If he doesn't take advantage of it, he will not be Nathan." Mond said coldly.

Ron knew that his own guess was right. Since even Mond had admitted what he said, Ron was a little anxious.

"What should we do now? If you stay in the hospital, can Charlie handle it alone in the company?"

"But I'm curious about what he will do. After all, I have never done anything wrong to the company. "

Mond was not sure whether Nathan would take this opportunity to deal with him.

But he had no choice now, because either Ron or Charlie had to stay his side.

Because of his own secret, he hoped that the two of them could hide it. If it was someone else who took care of him, he would definitely expose it in a short time.

"Let's wait and see. After all, my father is still in the company. Nathan won't be too arrogant."

So far, this was the only way,

low voice. They didn't want to break in as they did just now.

Seeing that the situation had been suppressed by himself, Ron immediately changed a soft expression and said, "in fact, there is no big deal about this matter. How can normal people not be sick when they are alive? Mond just has a stomachache and can be discharged from the hospital after two days' rest."

"Is Mr. Mond seriously ill?" Some reporters asked, unwilling to give up.

"There are ten people with nine stomach problems. I know this kind of thing is common for everyone, but I don't want to spread these words to Mr. Mond. I just tell you, please rest assured, our young master will go back to work soon."

In Ron's mind, these reporters might be bored. Was it worth an interview about Mond's illness? Was the news industry so depressed?

Several reporters came here and heard no explosive news.

And it was not like what they had heard that Mond was seriously ill. Now they had come here in person. Seeing that Mond was only living in an ordinary ward and did not enter the intensive care unit, they could not defend themselves.

The reporters left one after another. Ron was a little annoyed. Why did these reporters know that Mond was ill? And it seemed that someone had exaggerated it.

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