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   Chapter 194 Make It Clear

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Looking at Nancy who was standing in front of his car, Mond said indifferently, "Anyway, you are still my nominal wife. It's my duty to bring you food. If you don't want to eat, you can throw it away."

After saying that, he still looked cool, as if it was all up to Nancy whether she wanted to eat or not.

Nancy returned to her seat sulkily. She knew that this man might not give up on her. She might have to do something to make him give up completely.

Looking at the food that he had just brought to her, she had an idea. She told her assistant, "Go and ask Ellen to come here and have Lunch with us."

"Miss Nancy, is this good? Mr. Mond brought you the food, but you let another man eat it. He must be very sad."

Although the assistant was young, she knew these things.

Nancy glared at her and said, "Who do you listen to now? If you don't listen to me, I will apply for changing you." This was simply a rogue threat.

Although the assistant knew that Nancy was joking and threatening her, it was also her goal to unconditionally obey her orders...

She muttered, "Miss Nancy is annoying, she likes threatening me the most."

Anyway, she had to call Ellen.

At this time, Ellen just opened a box of food and was about to eat.

Nancy's assistant called, "Mr. Ellen, Miss Nancy asked you to come over. She invited you to lunch."

Recently, everyone in the crew knew that Mond came to deliver lunch at noon every day.

Hearing the assistant's words, Ellen, as a good friend of Nancy, didn't show any politeness. "Okay, I'll be right there."

"You can eat lunch by yourself. I'll go there to have a look." After telling his assistant, he turned around and came to Nancy.

They used to have lunch together.

Since Mond brought lunch to Nancy, the film crew had automatically left a table for her, and it

ar what he said very much.

"He and I got married for business. It's not what you think. I remember I have told you that there is a conflict between me and Hedy. In fact, it's all because of Mond."

Nancy told Ellen everything about her, Mond and Hedy.

Although Ellen had doubted why she didn't accept his love before, he didn't know anything about the twists and turns of it.

"Nancy, what are you thinking now? But it seems that Mond has done a lot for your family. It's impossible if he doesn't love you at all."

Ellen was always forthright. He didn't take the opportunity to sow discord between Mond and Nancy, but talked about the matter according to the facts.

That was why Nancy told him the things of her.

However, Nancy said, "I know he has done so much for my family. When I heard my mother's words, I knew that he helped my family for me. But when I thought of what he and Hedy had done at that time, I couldn't swallow my anger."

It turned out that Nancy was still a child. Ellen couldn't help laughing and said, "Then what do you want to do to forgive him?"

"I don't want to forgive him at all. No matter what he does, I won't forgive him. I just want him to give up and stop pestering me."

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