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   Chapter 192 Never Give Up

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Hearing the sound on the phone, Charlie looked at Mond with a helpless expression. Mond knew that he had tried his best.

Expressionlessly, he told Charlie, "I know. You don't have to worry about it."

Charlie looked at him and said, "Mr. Mond, let me say something. If you really don't want to leave Mrs. Nancy, you should pursue her. Don't wait for others to chase her away. It's too late for you to regret."

"She misunderstood me too much. Doesn't she know my painstaking efforts? Or my parents in law haven't told her that I have helped their family so much."

Mond was suspicious of this matter. Although he didn't mention it last time when he went to Nancy's home, he believed that her parents must have told her what had happened in their company.

As the saying goes, lookers on see more than players.

As Mond's confidant, Charlie was clear about what had happened between him and Nancy.

As an experienced person, he told Mond, "Mr. Mond, I don't know if Mrs. Nancy really loves you or not, but no woman will accept what you did last time. You have hurt her so deeply that it's impossible for you to coax her back in a few words. If you really love her, you should care about her and chase her again."

"Then what should I do now? Last time I went to her house, we two quarreled."

"You were angry at that time, so it was inevitable for you to quarrel. Although you two quarreled, it was normal for couples or lovers."

Charlie asked him to be relieved and boldly pursue Nancy. After all, girls needed to be coaxed, and Mond had hurt her so deeply.

It was almost noon and Mond was a man of action.

He told Charlie, "Order some delicious food in the restaurant and send it to the film set with me."

"Okay, I'll be right there." Charlie agreed readily.

Mond told him a few of Nancy's favorite dishes and asked him to bring them as soon a

spoke out his wish, but Nancy sniffed at his words and said, "Don't you know what kind of life it was in the past? We used to be a contractual couple. Since we two can't live together, there is no need to force us. "

"Don't always mention the contract with me. It's just your thought that we can't live together. From beginning to end, I plan to live with you."

Mond patiently explained to Nancy, hoping that she would listen to his advice.

"I think what you said is very ridiculous, but there is no need for me to argue with you. I thank you for bringing food here today, but you don't have to do these boring things in the future. We two are doomed to have no intersection."

Seeing that Nancy was a little heartless, Mond was completely flustered.

He didn't know what he could do to win back her heart. After all, what he had done when he was with Hedy had broken her heart.

But Mond didn't give up. He told Nancy, "I won't say anything else to you now. You will understand what I'm thinking in the future. I won't divorce you. Don't mention it again."

"Mond, you are such a rascal. Since we two don't have any feelings for each other, why do you keep pestering me?"

Nancy shouted angrily. But Mond didn't agree with her at all.

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