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   Chapter 190 Declined Politely

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"I've been working for a whole day. I feel a little tired. Let's change the day. I'll invite you two."

Ellen refused politely. Indeed, in the eyes of others, the shooting work was very glorious.

But only she herself knew how difficult it was. Today's scene was very smooth for them.

In the past, when an actress needed to shoot for a day, she would be under great mental pressure, which no one else could understand.

Hearing what Ellen said, Nancy didn't want to force him. After all, it was human nature.

As a big star, he couldn't accept all requests, because there would be no time for shooting, let alone rest.

"Okay, let's change the day." Nancy had no choice but to agree.

Strangely enough, at this time, both Nancy's and Bess's phones rang at the same time.

Nancy picked up the phone and saw it was a call from someone she didn't expect. The screen of the phone showed one word, "Mond".

She put down the phone irritably and didn't intend to answer it. At this point, she didn't know what else to say between her and Mond, let alone in front of Bess and Ellen.

When Bess picked up the phone, she had the same reaction as Nancy. She directly hung up the phone and didn't let it ring again.

Ellen looked at the two of them quietly, feeling that they had unspeakable difficulties.

He had already guessed who was calling Nancy.

But judging from Bess's expression, it seemed that it was a call from her boyfriend. Otherwise, she would have answered it.

Ellen thought Bess must be angry with her boyfriend. After all, it was normal for young people to quarrel with each other.

He didn't expect that Bess's relationship had ended before it started, not to mention that the man was married...

Although he was suspicious, Ellen didn't say anything. After al

appen even you are afraid.

But today's matter was a little different from usual. The fact that Nancy didn't answer the phone after a long time made Mond think that he had dialed the wrong number.

Mond took it away and found that the number on the phone was none other than Nancy's. While he was lost in thought, the phone had automatically hung up, showing that no one answered the phone.

Depressed, Mond put the phone on his desk, lost in various fancies and conjectures.

'Why didn't she answer my phone?' This had never happened before.

In the past, even if Nancy had some feelings for him occasionally, she had never rejected his call.

Mond didn't know what had happened to Nancy. 'Or was it because Nancy really didn't want to be with me?' These guesses made him unable to work in the afternoon...

'If Nancy really didn't answer my phone, did she really want to divorce me?'

At the thought of this, Mond couldn't help but feel a little flustered. Although the two of them were married for commercial purposes, he knew that he had fallen in love with Nancy and didn't want to be separated from her for the rest of his life. This was the strongest idea in his mind at present...

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