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   Chapter 187 Helpless

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6154

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"Nancy, stop asking. I'm fine." Bess forced a smile and comforted her.

Although Nancy didn't say much in front of Mond, it didn't mean that she was a coward who could let others bully her good friend.

Turning to Manager Luo, she asked with a smile, "Manager Luo, what happened? Why was Bess crying so hard?"

Manager Luo didn't know how to answer her question.

After all, from beginning to end, Manager Luo hadn't really met with Nancy, and he didn't know whether she knew his love with Bess.

Manager Luo was thinking about how to answer Nancy's question.

Bess said at this time, "Nancy, don't ask him now. He can't answer your question. I have proposed to resign today, so I won't have any contact with Manager Luo in the future."

Hearing Bess's words, Nancy was completely relieved. It seemed that they were having a break-up dinner today, or Bess felt that they were about to break up, so she should be sad and shed tears.

However, Manager Luo didn't think so. Bess told Nancy in this way, which meant that she had known what had happened between him and Bess.

Since things had come to this, Manager Luo decided not to hide it anymore. He said in a very low voice, "Miss Nancy, since you have known this matter, I won't hide it from you anymore. I really like Bess. I want to be with her, but I know her worries. I hope you can persuade her for me."

'This man was so shameless.' This was what Nancy thought of Manager Luo so far.

Although she hated him in her heart, she didn't show any disrespect on her face. "Manager Luo, I've heard from Bess that you're married. How could you be with Bess? Aren't you supposed to be responsible for your family? "

"I know what you mean, Miss Nancy. I like Bess, and Bess also loves me. I think that's enough. After all, Bess and I love each other at a wrong time

de world? Is a status so important to you? I can give you everything I can? Aren't you satisfied with this?"

"You know what I need, but I can see that you don't respect me now. As for my resignation, it doesn't matter if you approve it or not. I won't go to the company anymore."

At this time, Bess's attitude was very firm. Only then did Nancy completely understand everything. It should be Bess wanted to resign and this man asked her to stay.

When Manager Luo saw that the situation had gone, Both Bess and Nancy had made their intention very clear.

At this time, Manager Luo seemed to have been humiliated. He no longer maintained his gentleman manner.

Instead, he said, "Whatever you think. I hope you won't regret it. Since you have made up your mind, I will approve your resignation. Take care of yourself in the future."

Then he left without saying goodbye to the two women in front of him.

Not to mention Bess, even Nancy felt a little gawky when she saw Manager Luo's receding figure.

Nancy didn't dare to say anything more. After all, the current situation didn't need her to say anything. Bess should have known what kind of person Manager Luo was and what kind of feeling he had for her...

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