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   Chapter 186 Try My Best

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"Bess, you are such an excellent girl. How can my friend be bad? How can Ellen be unwilling to be ordinary friends with you?"

Nancy teased Bess in a funny tone.

In order not to make her good friend worry, Bess deliberately laughed and said, "Well, I know you are joking with me. I don't have any interest in an excellent man like Ellen. After all, he doesn't belong to me at all. I just want to have a chance to take a photo with him and ask him for an autograph. I'm satisfied."

"You are so easy to be satisfied. Don't worry. I will definitely help you achieve this small wish."

Nancy breathed a sigh of relief.

But Bess said, "Don't just talk about me. You should also care about your own happiness. If you meet someone you really like, you must cherish him. You are my good sister. I hope you are happy."

"Thank you. Both of us will be happy. If you resign, I can arrange a job for you first."

On the one hand, Nancy was worried about her good friend couldn't find a suitable job for a while. On the other hand, she wanted to remind her not to forget to resign.

She was worried that if Bess still worked in that company, she would fall into the hands of that scum sooner or later.

But Bess didn't want to bother her good friend. Besides, it shouldn't be difficult for her to find a job.

"I'll resign tomorrow. I'll look for a job myself. If I really can't find it, I'll bother you."

"We have been good friends for many years. It is not troublesome to do anything."

Nancy's words warmed Bess's heart.

On the next day, Nancy came to the set to shoot. But during the whole day, whenever she had time, she was worried whether Bess had resigned or not.

After all, Bess had fallen in love with that man. Could she leave that man?

At noon, with an idea in her mind, she finally came up with an excuse.

At lunch time, she called Bess. Soon, Bess answered the phone, and it was very quiet the

ood up which showed he was very polite.

Nancy saw this man, he should be about more than 6 feet tall. From his appearance, this man was very outstanding. No wonder Bess liked him...

Bess introduced, "Manager Luo, this is my good friend, Nancy. Nancy, this is my friend, Manager Luo."

After a brief introduction, Bess stopped talking.

Manager Luo reached out his hand and said to Nancy, "Miss Nancy, Bess often mentioned you and said you were her best friend. It's my honor to see you today..."

Anyway, he had to be polite.

Nancy didn't know if it was because of his work that this man was very good at talking. People who often rolled in the business world would be double faced.

She didn't want to make people feel she was less culvitated, even though she hated this man in her heart. For the sake of her good friend, she reached out her hand with a smile and said, "Manager Luo, you're too polite."

After saying that, the two of them sat down separately. Bess also sat next to Nancy. Nancy clearly saw that this man should be sitting next to Bess before she came over.

However, she didn't expose him. Instead, she turned to Bess and asked, "Bess, what's wrong with you? It seems that you have just cried. If you have anything to tell me, maybe I can help you."

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