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   Chapter 185 At A Loss

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Although Bess was so excited, Nancy had never felt this way. Instead, she felt happy to have such a big brother.

Looking at Bess's excited face, a thought suddenly came to Nancy's mind. Ellen was a very good person, and he was also a famous star.

Bess also liked Ellen very much. Could she make them a couple?

If possible, it would be a good thing. After all, her good friend and her good sister had become a couple. Thinking of this, Nancy felt very beautiful in her heart...

Unconsciously, a beautiful smile appeared on the corner of Nancy's mouth. Bess felt it very strange.

Nancy usually wouldn't giggle. What happened today?

Bess stretched out her hand on purpose and waved it in front of Nancy, saying, "Nancy comes back to life. Nancy comes back to life."

Seeing that Bess's hand was twisting in front of her, Nancy hit it and said in a reproachful tone, "What are you doing?"

"Look at your anthomaniac face. What are you thinking about? Do you miss Mond?"

"Damn you! Don't say such meaningless words. You know the relationship between me and Mond. How could you say such heartless words?"

"Then what were you thinking about just now? You looked a little silly."

Bess was very curious about it.

"Bess, are you sure you can let go of that man now?"

"Why did you mention him again? Do you have something to tell me?" After all, the two of them had been friends for many years and knew each other very well.

"You know me well, Bess. I just want to ask you, if you really can let go of that man, how about I find a way to introduce you to Ellen to be his girlfriend one day?"

The excited smile on her face didn't affect Bess at all.

Although Bess had just known that Nancy and Ellen were good friends and looked excited, she was at


"Well, I believe you. You are my best friend, so I believe you can keep your bottom line. But I can introduce you to Ellen some other day, and you can start from ordinary friends."

In Nancy's mind, the best way to forget a relationship was to start another one...

"Okay, thank you. It's my honor to be friends with a big star, but I don't think he will like me. He has so many halos, how can he fall in love with a little girl like me who is unknown?"

Although Bess said it in a joking tone, Nancy had the same concern. After all, Bess's idea was very reasonable.

And it was human nature now. Everyone liked to make friends with someone at an equal price or higher status than him.

As a star, Ellen should have the same thought, which was what Nancy thought.

It was said that people go up while water flows down. It was a normal phenomenon anywhere.

In fact, the reason why Nancy said that just now was that she wanted Bess to forget that man as soon as possible. After all, that man didn't belong to her.

Since she had already told Bess, she also wanted to give it a try. After all, they were just ordinary friends, so it shouldn't be difficult to them.

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