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   Chapter 183 Stop Before It Is Too Late

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6257

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Although the two of them were about the same age, from the perspective of a friend, Nancy felt that what this man said should be a lie.

"Do you believe him now? Why does he always chase you? What is his plan?"

Nancy didn't dare to neglect anything for the happiness of her good friend.

Bess knew what was on Nancy's mind and that she cared about her. Since she had said that, Bess didn't hide anything from Nancy anymore.

She told Nancy, "When I was in the company, I heard that he was a little afraid of his wife. But I don't believe him completely. He wants me to be with him now and slowly find a way to divorce his wife in the future."

Nancy felt that this man was a little terrifying. As the saying went, people who were immersed in love were blind, and Bess was no exception.

However, she wanted to know what Bess was thinking. She didn't want her friend to make a mistake.

She picked up the chopsticks and said, "It doesn't matter what this man thinks. The most important thing is how you plan to deal with it."

"I don't know yet. But if he keeps pestering me like this, I don't think I can control myself anymore. After all, he is the person I like very much."

Bess was a very honest person. She didn't hide anything from Nancy.

Hearing this, Nancy was very worried that Bess would take the wrong path.

"Bess, what kind of person are you? I know it very well. But I feel that this man is of artful words. If he really loves you, he won't put you in a dilemma. After all, being a mistress will be despised by everyone. "

Bess scratched her head and said, "I know what you said, but I don't agree with you that he is of artful words. He is very steady, and he has a mature charm. As for the mistress, I really don't want to be, so I am in such a dilemma."

"That's good. I haven't seen him before, and I can't refute or agree

lthough she had never seen this man before, in her mind, this man was not qualified at all.

Bess's expression was dejected. She also tried to distinguish for him, "He once told me that we should pay attention to our whereabouts in the future and not to be discovered by his wife. In this way, he can have time to transfer the property so that we can live a comfortable life together."

However, Nancy said seriously, "Bess, now the truth is clear. You've already said that I'm your best friend, and he doesn't even believe me. Do you still expect him to love you? You'd better stop now and don't have any fantasy."

Bess also knew that lookers on see more than players. But it was rare for her to fall in love with such a man. She didn't know what to do.

Seeing her painful expression, Nancy knew that if she was not cruel enough, Bess might have more pain in the future.

After all, people who had never experienced emotional trauma could not understand the pain.

Nancy thought that she was currently experiencing pain. There was nothing more unacceptable than the fact that her husband had betrayed her and been with the person who had plotted against her.

So she didn't want Bess to regret what she had done after being hurt.

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