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   Chapter 180 Forget Your Troubles

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6622

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After hanging up the phone, Nathan was quietly thinking about something on his mind...

The next day, after breakfast, Nate and Ivy went to work.

It had to be said that the relationship between the couple was very good, and Ivy was a good wife.

It was not easy for the two of them to start a business together. No matter how much trouble their company had gone through, Ivy always kept a close relationship with Nate. It could be said that their relationship was an example in the whole business world...

Knowing that her daughter was going to go shopping with her best friend today, Ivy arranged a driver to send Nancy there, and she also asked him to accompany her all day long.

After all, she loved her only daughter. She couldn't be careless.

When Nancy arrived at the appointed place, Bess had just arrived. Seeing that her car stopped, Bess quickly ran over and shouted, "Honey, I miss you so much."

Nancy immediately opened her arms and the two of them hugged each other for a while.

Bess saw that Nancy was wearing a light yellow dress and a pair of sunglasses, which was so big that it covered half of her face.

With her hair hanging loosely around her waist, she looked particularly unrestrained and elegant...

Bess was a very intelligent girl. She was wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and short hair. The two of them looked very different when they were together.

Nancy looked gentle and graceful, while Bess looked forthright...

When two people were together, there was a complete contrast.

"You don't have to follow us. I'll call you when I use the car," Nancy told the driver.

It was not easy for her to meet Bess. If there was such a big third wheel, she would feel very uncomfortable.

But the driver said respectfully, "Miss Nancy, I don't think it's a good idea. Mrs. Ivy asked me to protect you all the time."

"I don't need your protection. Don't worry. You can sit in the car and follow us after we finish shoppin


Nancy bought two sets of underwear for herself and another two sets for Bess. Bess didn't show any politeness to her.

Because it was a common thing for the two of them before.

When they arrived at a clothing store, Nancy saw a beautiful dress.

She walked into the fitting room and when she came out, the sales woman was surprised to find that the person in front of her was a movie star.

When Nancy came out of the fitting room in her new clothes, the sales woman shouted in surprise, "Aren't you the famous star, Nancy? Ah, I'm so lucky today to meet a big star."

Bess immediately signaled her not to scream, "Don't shout, in case of attracting other guests."

The sales woman covered her mouth with her hand and nodded, "I see. Can take a photo with me later?"

With a smile, Nancy nodded and said, "There's no problem with that, not to mention that I'm not a big star."

"I've seen your play before. You did a good job. I like you very much." Although the saleswoman's voice was very low, it attracted a lot of people in the shop.

Afraid that things would go out of control, Nancy quickly walked into the fitting room and changed her clothes.

She walked out in a hurry and took a few photos with the sales woman. Several people in the shop also came over to take a photo with her.

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