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   Chapter 178 I'm Sorry

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The servants felt unfair and discussed with each other, "Ellen and Miss Nancy are good friends. Let's go to beg her to ask Ellen to get us an autograph."

The man's proposal aroused everyone's approval. "Okay, okay. Anyway, Miss Nancy is filming with Ellen every day. It shouldn't be a difficult thing for her."

They reached an agreement and came to the front of Nancy. They pushed each other, and no one was embarrassed to say anything to her first.

Looking at everyone's expression, Nancy felt a little strange. After all, this had never happened before. She asked curiously, "What's wrong with you? Do you have anything to tell me? If you have anything, just tell me directly. Don't feel embarrassed. "

The chef said it for them, but his tone was full of grievance. "Miss Nancy, here is the thing. Ellen gave me an autograph just now, and everyone saw it. They also wanted an autograph of him, so everyone came to you, hoping you can help them."

Seeing that everyone lowered their heads in silence, Nancy raised her voice and asked, "Is that so?"

Everyone nodded and said, "Right. We didn't expect that Ellen would be here. Miss Nancy, you and Ellen work together every day, so we hope you can help us ask for a photo."

Seeing that everyone was a little embarrassed, Nancy didn't have the heart to disappoint them. After all, they all worked at her home, and she already had feelings to them after a long time.

She told everyone, "Then I'll have a try. I can't say that I will definitely get it, but I can have a try."

The servants were very happy to hear that Nancy didn't blame them.

"As long as you ask, he will give it to you. After all, he is your good friend. It's a piece of cake for him."

Nancy also knew that it was just a piece of cake, but before she had got it, she didn't like to make it too clear, so she said it on purpose.

"Okay, but

just hope that you can be happy, it is better than anything else."

This should be all the wishes of mothers in the world. No matter what, the happiness of their children was more important.

Although Nancy had heard her mother put in good words for Mond, her resentment hadn't completely disappeared. After all, Mond had hurt her too deep...

Nancy swore to herself that if she found out that Mond had done anything wrong to her, she would divorce him without any hesitation.

In the evening, when Nancy went to the bathroom to take a shower, her good friend Bess called.

Nancy didn't hear it at all. She didn't come out until the phone was hung up automatically.

When she had nothing to do and went to bed, feeling bored, she picked up the phone and wanted to see some news.

In fact, she subconsciously wanted to see if Mond had sent her any message.

When she opened her phone, the first thing she saw was a missed call.

It was her best friend's call. It showed that she was taking a shower then.

Instead of calling back in a hurry, she wanted to see if there were any other messages and phone numbers that she hadn't noticed.

Seeing that there were no other calls or messages on the phone, she felt empty in her heart...

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