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   Chapter 177 Feeling Depressed

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However, Nancy muttered, "I didn't drink too much at all. I just feel a little depressed."

"I know you didn't drink too much. Drink some water." Ellen coaxed Nancy into drinking water as if he was coaxing a child, completely treating her as his sister.

"Okay, I will listen to you." With a very obedient look, Nancy drank up the glass of water that Ellen brought.

The two of them had almost finished eating, and Ellen felt a little full.

He helped Nancy up and said, "let's go to the living room and have a seat."

At this time, a servant quickly came up to take care of Nancy and said, "Miss Nancy, are you drunk?"

"It's okay. We just drank a little beer. We'll be fine in a minute." Ellen told the servant not to worry.

Indeed, Nancy was just a little drunk. She was not drunk. As soon as the two of them sat down in the living room, the servant made two cups of thick tea for them to sober them up.

"Mr. Ellen, I don't know what's wrong with me now. I'm afraid that Hedy will frame me again when I see her." Nancy inadvertently voiced out her concern.

Ellen knew that it was impossible to guard against such a thing.

He said helplessly, "as the saying goes, a heart for harm cannot be maintained, and a heart for defense cannot be lost. In the future, you should be more careful, as long as Hedy was there, you must pay attention to what you do, and don't be seized by her again."

Just as Nancy was about to speak, a phone call came. She quickly picked up her mother's phone and asked in a very soft tone, "Mom, what's up?" She acted like a spoiled child.

However, this was not what her mom thought. Ivy said in a very reproachful tone, "what are you talking about? Can't I call you if there is nothing else?"

"My dear mother, I don't mean anything else. I just want to ask you if there is anything else?"

Nancy asked in a different tone.

However, Ivy was very alert. "Girl, did you drink when I heard you speak?"

She knew her daughter very well. She had noticed

f your lady's. I should have a chance to come in the future."

What he said was completely comforting. He didn't want to be pestered by these servants anymore. He wanted to go back so that he could have a rest.

What he said made sense.

The two of them were good friends. They would often meet like this in the future, so what Ellen said was very reasonable.

This was the understanding of the servants, which had nothing to do with others.

The driver sent him back. Before Ellen went back, Ellen thanked him politely, which proved that Ellen was very polite.

And invisibly, it left a very good impression on all the members of the Nie Family.

The servants chatted with each other and were very excited. They also took out their phones which were used to take photos with Ellen just now. They wanted to figure out who took the best photos together.

Now the happiest thing was that the chef. He took out the autograph that Ellen gave him just now.

He said proudly, "you crowded up just now. How about me alone? I have the autograph of the big star now. Who has it? Show me which photo is cooler than it."

The other servants stared blankly at the photo in the cook's hand, and then realized that they had been too excited just now. They made a serious mistake and forgot to ask Ellen for a photo with his autograph.

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