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   Chapter 120 No Information to Be Gotten

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6250

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Now, Nancy was very pitiful. Mond didn't help her, even her parents didn't know that she was in danger. They were very busy with their own company and had no time to investigatem where on earth she was.

Since Nancy came here, the two brawny men had served her delicious food every day and treated her politely.

Since Nathan went away that day, Nancy had never seen him again. She couldn't figure out what he meant by abducting her here and never asked again.

With the two brawny men in front of her, Nancy had no desire to communicate with them at all, because no matter what she asked, these two men always looked like they didn't know what to say or what to say.

After a long time, Nancy didn't bother to ask any more questions. She stayed here to kill time with depression every day. She was very anxious. She didn't know how worried her parents would be if they knew about it.

The fourth day had passed, and she couldn't stand it anymore. She asked the two men in front of her, "Excuse me, do you know what's going on outside now?"

"What do you want to know? But like you, we stay here every day. We don't know what happened outside, so you'd better not ask us. "

One of the men blocked her words and didn't want her to open her mouth.

"I just want to ask if there is any emergency in the Company of the Lu Family and the company of the Nie Family."

Nancy said what she had been worried about.

"I'm sorry. We don't know these things, so please don't ask us again." The man said politely, but no information could be gotten.

Nancy knew that they were entrusted by others to be loyal to the master. Since they had followed Nathan's order to watch her, they would definitely not tell her anything.

When she was really bored, she asked them to turn on the TV. Anyway, she couldn't escape here. She just wanted to watch TV to kill

master, don't be afraid. We didn't mean anything else. We just wanted to tie you up and take two photos of you." In fact, these two men also knew that it was illegal to do these things. As long as they did not violate their bottom line, they could do anything.

As they spoke, they took out a rope and tried to tie up Nancy. She struggled a few times, and the two men threatened, "don't struggle, or don't blame us for being rude to you."

After these two days, Nancy also admitted that these two men didn't treat her unfairly. Since they wanted to take photos, just let them take them.

So she stood there still. The two of them tied herself to the bed, asking her to put on painful expression. They took a few photos of her, and then let her go.

Worried that they would take these photos to threaten her parents, she asked, "who did you send these photos to? Do you send it to my parents? "

"Don't worry. It's not for your parents." After a brief reply, the man sent the photos out.

Now that Nancy was living under others' eaves, she had to lower her heads. Since Nathan had taken control of Nancy, it was impossible for her not to cooperate with him and do something. She was also worried that he would do something bad to her.

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