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   Chapter 117 Let's Cooperate

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The family meeting finally ended in Mond's silence.

The four men of the Lu Family went to the company one after another. After all, only the Lu Family had a family meeting, and each of them had to be present. This was the rule that was developed by Noah a long time ago.

Everyone looked at Mond's silent face and didn't know what was on his mind. After all, he was no longer the man he used to be. Now he seemed to be full of worries...

Nancy stayed in the house she rented and lived in a daze.

What scared her most was that her parents called her, because she didn't know what to say to her parents.

Now in her heart, in this world, the people who cared about her the most were her parents, Nate and Ivy. Although she didn't want her parents to worry about her, as long as she received the phone call from her parents, she couldn't help but want to cry.

After breakfast this morning, Nancy's phone rang. Seeing that it was from Noah, she hesitated for a long time and finally didn't press the answer button.FF

After all, she left overnight, because she didn't want to have anything to do with the Lu Family.

Besides, she didn't know what to say to Noah. After all, she was judged badly outside. And in her heart, her father-in-law had always been good to her, so she felt a little guilty to him.

Not long after Noah's phone stopped, his father called. "Father, what's up?" Nancy answeres as calmly as she could.

"My dear daughter, how are you doing at home? Did the Lu Family treat you badly?" Asked Nate.

When Nancy moved out, she didn't make it clear to her parents in case they would worry about her. Therefore, his parents thought she still lived in the Lu Family.

"Dad, don't worry. The Lu Family are good to me. They don't believe the rumors outside. I can't go out now. I'm afraid that there will be paparazzi following me."

Nancy found an excuse to set his father's mind at rest.

Hearing his daughter's words, he was finally relieved. It seemed that the stream wasn't affected by these things.

"My daughter, no matter what happens, you have to remember that your parents are always y

Sure enough, Nathan came prepared. Every word he said hit the nail on the head, which made Nancy's heart tremble.

But no matter what he said, Nancy had seen what kind of person he was at home before. So now she refused him.

But she didn't want to offend Nathan, so she said in an euphemistic tone, "thank you for your kindness, but my agency has been trying to deal with this matter. Besides, it doesn't matter if I am an actress or not. If nothing works, I will go back to my parents' home and help them manage the company."

Her answer was impeccable, which made Nathan very angry. However, no matter how unhappy he was, he still couldn't show it. Instead, he continued to be warm-hearted, hoping to change Nancy's mind.

"I know it's not a big deal for you to do anything else, but now Mond and Hedy are living together. I know it's Hedy who likes Mond and set you up. Are you willing to give him to Hedy?"

However, Nancy said, "it doesn't matter whether I'm willing to accept it or not. After all, we can't force ourselves to fall in love with each other, because a forced relationship won't be long. If Mond likes Hedy, I'll let them be together."

Looking at the expression on Nancy's face, Nathan knew that it was impossible for her to cooperate with him. He was a little crazy in his heart. It seemed that he had to take more sharp actions, or this woman would not agree to deal with Mond with him anyway.

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