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   Chapter 116 What Do You Mean

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"Mond, now that you are asked to go home, you can go back and come to see me when you are free." At this time, Hedy pretended to be considerate. She didn't want Elroy to feel that she was pestering Mond and didn't allow him to go home. If so, she wouldn't have any position in the Lu Family.

Have a good rest. I will come to see you as long as I have time. Mond wrote.

However, Elroy didn't want to give up this opportunity to satirize him. Although he had a smile on his face, what he said was particularly unpleasant to hear. "Brother, don't be reluctant to leave. Maybe you will be very happy when you get home and hear the news."

Mond raised his head and looked at Elroy, as if he wanted him to explain what he meant.

But Elroy said, "it's useless to ask me now. You will know when you go home. Dad is still waiting for you at home."

In desperation, Mond had no choice but to go home with Elroy. When he arrived home, the whole Lu Family was there, except for Nancy.

Mond knew that in this situation, his father should have held the family meeting. But why wasn't Nancy here?

Although Mond felt a little uneasy, he didn't show it. He stood aside quietly, looked at his father's face and wanted to know what he was going to say.

Noticing that his two sons had come in, Noah's face darkened. He asked in a stern tone, "tell me the truth today. Why didn't you go home for a few days but stay in the hospital? Do you still know who your wife is?"

Speaking of this, Noah gasped to show his anger.

But at this time, he remembered that Mond couldn't speak, so he said rudely, "now your wife has quietly moved away. Tell me what you are going to do. Are you going to divorce with her and marry Hedy?"

When Mond heard the news, his heart ached. Although he knew that what he had done must have made Nancy very sad, he didn't expect that she had a strong character and moved out of the Lu Family without hesitation.

But at this point, it was useless for him to say anyth

y, please don't stop him. After all, this is his happiness. If he is with a woman he doesn't like, he will never be happy."

"What do you know? Being a member of our family is the most important thing, while the rest is not important. Don't say those useless words."

Hearing his father's reprimand, Elroy seemed to be used to it. He didn't feel unhappy but smiled. He didn't know what his father meant.

"Don't go back to the hospital now. Go to work. There's no big problem with her injury. I've asked the president of the hospital about it, so don't be too nervous."

Noah thought that Mond didn't know that Hedy's injury was very slight. Otherwise, he couldn't have been off work every day to accompany her in the hospital.

Mond nodded, indicating that he had known it. He had always been respectful to his father's scolding, which made Noah feel a little relieved. This child was very polite.

"Ask someone to find out where your wife lives. After all, she is a member of our Lu Family. Don't let anyone bully her outside." Noah was very considerate.

If people didn't know him, they would think that he was a very generous and considerate man. In fact, he was worried that if Nancy was bullied outside, he, an elder of the Lu Family, would lose face, not to mention that he couldn't explain it to Nancy's parents.

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