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   Chapter 115 Confession of Love

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Seeing that Mond was peeling an orange for her, Hedy couldn't help feeling happy. She encouraged herself secretly that she must take the opportunity to confess her love to Mond.

So when Mond put the orange into her mouth, Hedy held his hand and said, "Mond, I have something to tell you. If I don't tell you, I'll go crazy."

Her tone was very serious.

Mond quietly looked at her face and didn't know what she was going to say.

Looking at Mond who listened to her quietly, she continued, "Mond, we two grew up together. I don't know how you feel for me. I only know that I like you very much. Before you and Nancy got married, I said that I wanted to marry you, but my parents thought that you were disabled and didn't agree with me anyway.

But now I don't want to listen to them anymore. Besides, Nancy's reputation is now in a mess. the Lu Family needs a woman with a clear reputation, and I'm the most suitable person. Mond, I love you. Let's be together."

Mond's face showed a surprised expression when he heard the confession of her love to him. It seemed that Nancy's thoughts were right. She tried her best to frame Nancy just because she was jealous of their marriage.

In fact, during this period of time, Mond deliberately gave everyone an illusion that he didn't like Nancy anymore, but liked Hedy very much.

In fact, only he knew what he was thinking. After all, this matter had something to do with the fame of Nancy. Mond didn't dare to be careless at all.

As soon as she finished her words, she stared at Mond's face. She was very nervous and wanted to know what he would say and whether he still loved her or not.

Mond looked at her quietly and didn't make any comments on her love confession.

The more silent Mond was, the more flustered she was. She didn't know what Mond meant and whether he had feelings for her or not.

"I know you also like me very much, but you are prevented by the parents of both sides. Mond, I love you in my heart. Now I know that I can't live without you. Don't have any worries. When we two are together, I will take good care of y

t dare to eat anymore.

He drove fast all the way to the hospital. At the door of the ward, he saw some news reporters squatting outside.

They all knew Elroy, but few people dared to interview him. After all, he was famous for his explosive temper.

What's more, this was the matter between the three of them, Nancy, Mond and Hedy. It had nothing to do with others. Of course, they didn't want to offend this bad guy.

When Elroy arrived at Hedy's ward, he saw that Mond was feeding Hedy. The two of them looked affectionate and sweet. It was obvious that they loved each other.

Elroy sniffed at the scene in front of him. In his heart, although he didn't like Nancy very much, he thought that Hedy was no match for Nancy in any way.

Not to mention Nancy's beautiful face, even her temperament was a hundred times better than Hedy's.

But no matter what, now the Lu Family was in the limelight, and Elroy didn't want to make trouble, so he said casually, "brother, I didn't see that you are really lucky in love affairs."

Hedy's face turned red with shyness. She could clearly see that there was a hint of humiliation from Elroy.

Mond put down the food in his hands and looked at Elroy calmly. He wanted to ask him what on earth made him come to the hospital early in the morning to make fun of him.

Elroy knew that Mond couldn't speak, so he said, "Dad asked me to pick you up."

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