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   Chapter 114 Completely Disappointed

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 7031

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No matter what was on Nancy's mind, Mond didn't go home these days, and he didn't call her to explain what he had done in the hospital.

Right now, the media outside were all biased towards Hedy. They said that she was a weak person. She had been snatched away from her beloved man by Nancy, and now Nancy had hurt her.

Besides, Mond didn't clarify this matter, as if he acquiesced in the fact that what the media said was true, and he didn't even want to see Nancy.

Originally, Nancy had fallen in love with him, but now seeing his attitude, she was completely disappointed in him.

In Nancy's heart, no matter what others said, as long as Mond and she loved each other deeply, the external difficulties would not be a problem.

Now even Mond seemed to believe what Hedy said and let her be sad at home alone. How could she feel?

Moreover, everyone in the Lu Family saw that Mond was so indifferent to Nancy.

Although they didn't say anything, they all took pleasure in the misfortune of the two, thinking that the relationship between them was not good.

Only Sansa comforted Nancy from time to time. Whether Sansa's hearts was true or not, Nancy was very grateful. At least, she was much better than Mond...

Nancy couldn't bear the pressure of living in this house. Originally, she and Mond were a contractual couple, but now he didn't even want to come home. She thought it was meaningless for her to stay in this house.

So one day, she called her agent and said, "Arrange a place for me to stay. I want to have a rest for a while and get back to work as soon as possible."

Hearing what Nancy said, the agent agreed readily. After all, she was in trouble now, and the agent felt very sad.

After all, Nancy and Mond used to live together, so the agent couldn't interfere. Now that she had taken the initiative to move out, the agent didn't dare to neglect her and hurriedly went out to rent a room for her.

Soon, they found a room with 3 bedrooms and 1 living room, and the location was also very good.

Nancy didn't want her parents to worry about her, so

are of me so much in the past? If you really like me, why did you hurt me so much? Are you a promiscuous person?'

While Nancy was complaining about herself, Mond didn't know anything about it in the hospital.

In the past few days, he had been intentionally staying in the hospital and taking good care of Hedy. Although Mond couldn't speak, he was a good listener.

And his action of taking care of her was very gentle, which made her heart full of tenderness and sweetness.

Now that things had come to this, Hedy decided not to hide any more. After all, if hse didn't seize this opportunity well, she and Mond might really lose the chance in the future...

What's more, she was very clear that it took her a lot of efforts to stay with Mond alone these days.

Before Mond got married, although she knew that she loved him, she had never felt so strong.

Every time she saw the intimate behavior between Mond and Nancy, she would be jealous to death. Otherwise, she wouldn't have made every effort to enter the crew and ruin Nancy's reputation, making Mond unable to accept her anymore.

When she saw that Mond was always gentle to her, it proved that he also had feelings for her.

Therefore, Hedy was even more confident. If Mond really liked Nancy, he couldn't just stand by and watch the rumors spreading outside, because no one would watch the woman he loved being hurt...

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